The extraordinary lawyer Woo shares his ideas behind the scenes while The Show comes to an end

Extraordinary Attorney Woo brought some behind the scenes right before the movie.

That is a show that has touched our hearts, and it won’t be easy to say goodbye to this beautiful story. A marvellous slap, the talent-building cast, and all that it gave to us has created a heartwarming Kdrama. Who would have thought that a legal drama would bring more than just the twisting lawsuits and make us cry towards the end?

If you don’t know about this show, the Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a legal Korean series directed by Yoo In-shik and arranged by Moon Ji-won, with various actors on display.

The Korean series revolves around a lawyer who has autism spectrum disorder, she’s an expert in an analysis of the past years at one of the top law firms. While she finds it difficult to present herself in a social environment, she finds it difficult to solve new cases in her own peculiar way.

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The show, which ends this week, is too far, so the creators brought some behind-the-scenes videos that we will have fun when we leave. When the tears of sadness turn into tears of laughter, The Swoon shares some moments of the cast that we will remember for a long time.

The ending might be coming, but this is another chance of rewatching your favourite lawyer, Woo Young-woo once again when the series is finally going to end. It’s the same moment that many fans are waiting for binge watching.

So don’t be sad long and check out those moments that were shared. From the Hanbada team to the whale couples first kissed, here’s how everything happened.

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Watch extraordinary counsel go through the scenes.

The Hanbada team were funny scenes; nevertheless we have some moments that will make you turn heads. Watch the whale couple as they film their first kiss.

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We’re the most expensive attorney. Wooepisode 16 is set to be out on August 18, 2022, onNetflix. The show has given a beautiful journey to the fans which will begin with this episode.

The show surprised us all these weeks and we hope it will continue till the end.

What did you think about this Kdrama that brought us moments of healing?

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