The Gumble Bundle Charity Launches Huge Resident Evil Deal!

I daresay that a lot of people are probably more than a little aware of Humble Bundle. For those not in the mix, they usually offer a large bundle of games, software and digital books that are typically hefty less expensive. This means that profits don't just go towards charity.

I dare to say that a lot of you are probably more than a little aware of the Humble Bundle. In case you are not at all shy, you are usually accustomed to giving cheap bundles of games, software or digital books. The profit goes towards charity, so you can’t just get some good retail therapy, you’ll have a lot more fun to do it, too.

For those who love Resident Evil, however, the following launch of their Resident Evil Decades of Horror promotion will make you want to get 11 titles from the zombie-infested franchise for less than 25 dollars!

Killing monsters!

As part of the promotion, you can buy up to a quarter of the following Resident Evil games on PCs.

  • Evil 1 is a Resident Evil.
  • Evil 2 of the reincarnation of Evil
  • Evil 3 remakes the Evil Remake universe.
  • Evil 4: The murderous beast.
  • Evil 5 at this time.
  • Evil one of the dead has 6?
  • Virus Euratom Virus, no 7!
  • Resident Evil 0
  • Resident Evils Revelations 1 Revelation.
  • Two Revelations of the Resident Evil.

The 11th well conceded is pretty new. No, yes, the mystery is not included in the whole package. What you get, however, is a 50% discount coupon, redeemable on Steam and comes with a good timing with the RE Village DLC scheduled for release in the next couple of months. It means that this means you can snag this also for just an additional 16 dollars. Okay, it’s a lot less expensive than the standard price!

Where can you learn more?

The DVD “Resident Evil Decades of Horror” can be bought now. For a price below 200, please donate more. With it’s earned over one million dollars, I daresay that some of you have already snagged this already!

If you’d like to learn more, you could try your free Humble Bundle website with the link here.

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