The IIK series was canceled in 2013, and the OVA notified me

The anime anime and the OVA episode of Infinity series 2 have been announced on SK8.

The official twitter account of SK8’s Infinity season 2 television show and OVA has been announced. The official website will soon inform you. You can see the announcement video below.

Announcing the Infinity season 2 & OVA will be posted to Sk8 and the Infinity Season 2 channel.

The film was also available, in October.

The studio and the staff are returning from season 1. This includesHiroko Utsumias, Ichirou Ookouchias, composer and Michinori Chibaas, designer. The original anime project has already been announced – although the format has not yet been specified. The show was licensed by aniplex and they describe it as: “Hello, the story.”

A high-school teacher and skater, Reki is addicted to S, a highly secret, dangerous and dangerous downhill skateboarding competition that runs in a mine. The skaters are very wild about their beefs or the heated battles that frightened them from the races.Reki takes Langa, a transfer student returning to Japan after studying abroad, to the mine where races are held. Langa has no skateboarding experience. He’s getting in the world of S.A.

I read, too, “Yowamushi” and “Then New Trailer.” Featuring themes—the soundtracks, the song “Dave Got One Time Again”. Anime is becoming visualised.

To find out more about the Infinity season 2 in the upcoming Sk8, the new season 2 will be announced soon.

Source:official Twitter BONES, Hiroko Utsumi/Project SK8.