The Indians and the Sandboys should’ve argued that the Dreaming and its sequels should Unionize

For season two, Morpheus should do the right thing for his creations: generous, ghost maternity leave, free time off, and gargoyle eggs.

The new movie “The Sandman” shows in the movies. From the writing to the visual effects, the cast and the amazing show are all the best. Each of the eight years of history is worth the priceless. But when I read the book, I discovered two non-evidenable truths. To this day, Morpheus and the Dream look like a boss. And the second is that his creations and the people of The Dreaming desperately need a union.

Please explain it. I realise that Morpheus is the king/matter of The Dream, as well as his siblings, are the most enemies of the endless. But when Lucifer and Gwendoline were both loyal and employee-satiated, you got to know your boss a bad boss. Get to talk about Girlboss, Gaslight, The Gate of Hell!

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I know that Morpheus still recovers from his over 100 year prison sentence, so naturally his mind isn’t on his work. But what kind of organization leaves The Dreaming to fend for itself without any chain of command? Dedicated to managing The Dreaming, it’s an indelible failure. And she isn’t the only one in The Dreaming who pays the price for the kidnapping of Morpheus. Cain and Abel sacrifice their beloved pet gargoyle Gregory so that Morpheus can summon the Fates with enough dream juice. Imagine if your boss hadn’t gone for a century and then he came back with no explanation and kills his dog. This is also why we celebrate Johannes Constantine, a freelance queen.

Shai Nicholson (@ShaiiNicholson) August 6, 2022.

The real case for dream unionization comes from the three of the majors without a major. First, there’s Gault the Shapeshifter (Ann Ogbomo), a nightmare long ago that became a dream. It was Gault who turned the film into the movie The Dreaming a false expression, allowing the abuser to escape his horrible living conditions through a fantasy where Jed is a comic book superhero. Gault is, as well, Miranda Walker (Andi Osho), their mother of Jed, so that the boy can find comfort and comfortable faces. And once Morpheus gets on with Gault, he dissolves her into nothingness. Protecting abused children is a fatal offense. Morpheus later recognizes his mistake and reconfigures Gault as a Dream. It sounds like something is going to get hurt.


The second is Gilbert/Fiddlers Green, a beautiful tree that comes to Earth to experience life as a human. The Dreaming is supposed to be empty since he has no vacation day or free time. Gilbert had to wait until his boss was AWOL before he could go to Florida to enjoy a drag show. and while he was there he was protecting Rose Walker (Kyo Ra) entirely from his leafy heart. Give it a promotion!


It’s a vicious nightmare; The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook), a serial killer who has completely died from Dreams. The Corinthian has an absolute nightmare that should be stopped, but isn’t he as Dream made him? Isn’t Dreams in the main character of the Corinthian?

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Look, we all make work errors. I’ve changed all the text of The Mary Sue to italics. However little mistakes rival create a notorious serial killer, let him loose and give him the chance to inspire generations of serial killers, if he is a keynote speaker at a serial killer convention.

By the end of season one, Morpheus got through with his mistakes and tries to correct his mistakes. He repeats the song, gives a baby gargoyle to Cain and Abel, and gives Gault wings. He’s doing what he can, and he’s even talking about his own selfish ego and self-styled pity party. It is like an episode of Undercover Boss. For season one, Morpheus must do the right thing for his creations: a generous ghost maternity leave, an active life-saving wage, and a fairy egg for all. That’s the most difficult thing that a good boss can do.

The relic from Netflix lays out.