The Last of Us: Actors have found Henry and Sam for both

Unfortunately not this year, but then in 2023, the series that became the show's last on HBO should be on a regular basis. Two other cast members will be featured now have officially made up their arms. The PlayStation player, rightly, has high hopes for the HBO series The Last of Us, and eventually, the [serial].

Unfortunately not this year, but 2023, The Last of Us on HBO should probably make a sensation. Two other cast members officially introduced themselves.

If the PlayStation hit rightly has great hopes for the HBO series The Last of Us, after all, the US broadcaster is responsible for hit series like Game of Thrones. The expectations for the Last of Us are correspondingly high; Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, two well-known characters from Game of Thrones, take on the main roles, Joel and Ellie. There have also been many more roles.

A total of four other actors have now been released via IGN for the HBO series, including brothers Henry and Sam. Lamar Johnson is going to play older brother Henry, while Keivonn Woodard is going to play younger Sam.

After two rings in the long run, Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard are bringing Henry and Sam to life in @HBOs The Last of Us with Graham Greene and Elaine Miles as new characters, Marlon and Florence. See you at that time!

Naughty Dog (@NaughtyDog) August 10, 2022.

All of the games will remember that the two met during their time at the Pittsburgh game in Pittsburgh. There is the future of the series, because there’s the new thing about the scene in Kansas City.

Both of the two cast members have been confirmed with brand new roles exclusive to the TV series: Marlon and Florence. One should describe those married couples living in post-apokalyptic Wyoming. The characters are played by Graham Greene and Elaine Miles.

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