The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbits and the Villains (Ranked) are the most powerful & wealthiest and powerful

J.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth universe is indescribable. Tolkien and his son, Christopher, created an entire new world, along with its geography, history, religion, species, and even languages with a lot of dialects. In all that detail, Middle-earth has a lot of villains and heroes, each more powerful than the next one. Even if these are the best-known ones, they are depicted. All Powerful The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Villains (ranked) Read More.

J.R. Tolkiens Middle-earth universe is a complete indescribable universe. Tolkien and his son, Christopher, created a new world with different dialects, including geography, history, religion, species, languages and even geography. In all that detail, Middle-earth has a lot of heroes and scary villains each of whom are stronger than each other.

The most famous ones have been described in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie trilogies. Some powerful villains like the Ungoliant and Melkor are not in the movie, so they won’t be on this list. With no further ado, here’s the ultimate list of the 20 most powerful The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits villains from weaker to stronger.

The most powerful, mighty, and famous Villains from Hobbit.

Mr. Lake-Town & Alfred & Co.

We take Mr. Lake-town and Alfred’s list of the most powerful The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbits villains. Mr. Lake-Town was the sane mayor of Lake-town and the director of The Hobbit, who was the largest dirtbag ever. He led the town in a manner that only worked for him and around him. While the people were fighting, his buttons couldn’t completely remove them from his huge belly.

He punished innocent people and was corrupt as they came; however, when the people needed an official, the worst thing he did was do. When Smaug flew to burn all to the ashes, Mr. Lake-town went on to escape from his power, grabbed the gold and goods he could carry, and tried to flee and leave everybody behind to die.

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The same goes for his right hand, Alfrid, who you can’t get rid of just to the right. He sat on two stools all the time, switching sides to his convenience. Alfrid is unaware of his loyality and tried to flee from his father like a wicked witch once it got chilly. The guy dressed up as a woman when all the healthy people of the town were called to fight.

Luckily for the fans, neither of these sleazeballs survived. Mr. Lake-town is killed in the fall of Smaug from the skies right onto his boat, while Alfrid, who stayed behind Mr. Lake-town, was cast into a Trolls mouth, suffocating them both.

They were ineffectual, they were only cowards, but if there were villains I hated most in The Hobbit trilogy, there must be these two people.

Goblins have a king.

The Great Goblin, also known as the Goblin King, wasn’t as powerful as he was hideous. He is a large, fat, white Goblin with an under-chin as big as his head, and has a crown made of bones and staff with an under-the-top limb.

The scariest thing about the Goblin King was that he controlled an army of thousands of goblins. His size and disgust, however, was double as the Great Goblin. He had Bilbo and the Dwarves trapped and surrounded, and ready for the plate, but they still managed to escape.

Gandalf performed a rapid work of the Goblin King by sending down an ear and he died as soon as possible. He really didn’t show any strength in this movie. To be very realistic, a very huge villain like that needs to be considered a threat. If he were to take Bilbo or his crew, then they would be pancakes.

The Trolls (Tom, William & Bert) are a lot of animals.

I can now acknowledge that. Although Tom, Bill and Bert were antagonists in The Hobbit, I liked them. The nasty stonetrolls lived in Eriador and used their strength and size to vandalize the Middle-earth, pillaging, killing and robbing as they saw fit.

If they hadn’t been so stubborn, they might have ended Thorin and the Dwarves before they even were able to finish their quest. The Trolls got lost in the ties and didn’t know that they were the ones that flew to Bilbo.

They blasted on the need to better prepare the Dwarves, and while they were fighting, Bilbo praised them, whose mouth did not stop them, and the sun finally appeared; and the three Stone Trolls turned them into stone.

The three come together in The Lord of the Rings when the Fellowship stumbles upon its petrified bodies. Frodo remembers Bilbo’s story about three trolls who died arguing about ways to cook three dwarves and one hobbit. He remembers it well; however, the hobbit was never cooked as a hen, and Bilbo managed to save the Dwarves fast.

The Wargs appear in the deux essays of Peter Jackson, but it has a more significant role in The Hobbit. Wargs are a deadly wolf and powerful creatures big as a truck, and bad as the goblins who usually ride them. They have large jaws, extremely resilient and durable, and have bad tempers.

As well, they’re not the smartest creatures who build on the goblin and guide them in battle. The Warg isn’t just as dangerous, with no rider. They can only attack and kill, as seen in The Lord of the Rings as a riderless Warg ahmed Gimli before Legolas was killed by an arrow (and the dwarf fell under it).

In The Hobbit, Azog and his Orc army attacked Gandalf, Bilbo and the Dwarves and were forced to walk on the cliffs to get into the wilderness to climb trees and wait for death. The Eagles arrived just moments earlier to save them from falling into their death or eating from the beasts.

One Warg alone isn’t that dangerous, but they’re often used to hardly ever come alone, and the humbling goblins, who ride them, are normally of many ages a single pack who aren’t allowed to carry them.


The Orcs are known as hideous creatures, but hardly any of them are as hideous as Bolg. He is his son of the famous Azog the Defiler. He is an evil guy of the Hobbit trilogy. Bolg’s metal has a shattered skull and the guy saw the happy days.

Bolg has no superpowers other than being extremely strong and durable, but he has a fantastic attitude when it comes to strategy. Of all the Orcs that include Uruk-Hai of The Lord of the Rings, Bolg may be the most cruel and brutal of all those orcs.

Yet Bolg, despite his moment, failed in capturing, recollectioning, or even destroying the Company. He had been in the same position as his father for several years, and he’d always been in the second position of his father. As mighty as Bolg might be, his father, who stands next to him, is beating him in every way.

Azog The Killer was a december robber.

Azog is the “Defiler,” one of the most powerful of all time richest of the world. The Descent-led, pale, intimidating orc chief with a keen desire to kill Thorin Oakenshield and destroy his bloodline. Azog hunts the Company for nearly the entire trilogy. Although he didn’t succeed in his mission, then the Defiler ended up killing Bilbo and the Dwarves in exactly the same trouble he put together for the rest of the world (no Smaug).

The Dwarves and Azog were able to take Moria and cost the village’s land. In the last movie of the trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies, he and Thorin finally come sexy and kill Azog after hard battle. The price for the killing of Azog was pretty high, but there was no payload.

Since, Azog, the Defiler, is with a very strong orc, that we have seen in both trilogies and trilogies, we deserve this class a lot, because he is very strong in the list.


There’s no surprise that Smaug is on the list of the most powerful villains in The Hobbit. The enormous dragon from the Middle Ages, sitting on a heap of treasure, threatened to burn everything and all who tries to steal a single coin of treasure or wake him up from his long slumber.

Smaug was enormous, extremely strong, packed with huge teeth, claws, wings, fiery breath, and impenetrable scales covering him from head to toe, if the smug was extremely strong. Smaug could hear that tiny whisper and react as quickly and gracefully as you can imagine.

Smaug is extremely intelligent, too. The beautiful beast, who knows how to speak, is curled, and ultimately burns up the whole city for a few minutes of time. The best way to describe the sheer power of Smaug is by speaking with his own words. My teeth are such a sword, a claw, a hurricane, and my breath a breath.

Balrog and Smaug: Who’s stronger?

Lucky for all, one of Smaugs impenetrable scales was missing – leaving just enough room for Bard to shoot a spectacular shot with the gigantic arrow and nail Smaug right in the tiny hole where the missing scale should have been.

In just a few seconds Bard did what no one could do for decades, even centuries Smaug ruled for 171 years, but no one knows his true age. If bare patches were not seen, it would not be seen without Bilbos sharp eye, yet The Desolation of Smaug around Lonely Mountain would still be the Dragons dominion.

All the powerful villas from the Lord of the Rings were made by the highest of the powers of the Lord of the Rings.

What Mr. Laketown and Alfrid were in The Hobbit, Grima Wormtongue was in the Lord of the Rings. He was a wicked, mischievous servant of the Dark who you liked to hate only so much that you wanted to see gone as soon as possible. This makes him a perfect witch, but not a terrible monster.

A smuggler was a servant of Sarumans and played a servant role to the evil king Theoden. He led Saruman right into Theodens mind, poisoning and making the King completely lose his sense of self, and even without seeing the difference between friends, family and enemies.

What a failure was to be the truth. So, if he had promised his tite, then it could’ve destroyed Rohan, right from within. His strength came from the betrayal and the manipulation of Grima. As said Eowyn, you’re poisoned.

Gooden, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas came right to save Theoden, banish Saruman, and throw a bunch of Grimas out of Rohan. However, Theoden had already banished Eomer, his nephew, and the Rohirrim. They even allowed the Wormtongue to go, because, as Aragorn said, suffocating blood has been spilt on his account.


Gothmog’s The Lord of the Rings movie was a disfigured orc-general who led troops through Osgiliath in the Minas Tirith war. Peter Jackson and the writers didn’t want a new Uruk-Hai Orc-general, which we’ve already seen and knew their capability.

Instead, they chose to go for ugliness rather than for brute strength (yeah, like the Uruk-Hai were pretty). The left-hand side of Gothmogs face and body were disfigured and fanned. He was a great warrior, and he was a general general, but as well as his power, the guy had a rough arms and a huge limp.

But he was careful and able to develop a whole lot of natural famosis when a huge stone from the catapult was flown in direction, and as soon as it hit, he evaded it. Gothmog finally escaped from Gimlis ax and Aragorns sword, just as he closed in with a mace trying to kill Eowyn.

The observant in the water is on the porch.

A thousand nightmare-inducing creatures in the story of the Lord of the Rings were included in the trilogy, but was The Watcher in the Water, who had been pitying me much for years to take the plunge.

The giant creatures, like Kraken, burst into the waters, until it entered the mines of Moria, tuck into the air before landing. It was there, or so yew, before she disturbed the peaceful water. That beast woke up even with a little sound when the Fellowship approached Moria and began trying to enter the Mines.

What are the slang-of-a-lifetime things of Moria?

Watcher woke up, surfaced, and immediately attacked the Fellowship with its colossal tentacles, which were stronger enough to rip the man in half. He was particularly interested in Frodo, especially since he felt like a Ring!

As much as the worm fascinated the creature while chasing Frodo, the worm swarms gave us water to find the treasure, before swallowing the lobbit with its immense mow. Nevertheless, the fellowship did enough for the creature to flee to Moria, to save Frodo and escape the beast. Watcher in the water may not be the most powerful villain in the Lord of the Rings but certainly the most mysterious.


I hate Orcs. They are disgusting, and brutal, and they’re not indifferent to them. With the other faction of Uruk-Hai, Lurtz, I accept my hate to a new level.

Uruk-Hai are the Orc special forces. They are the tallest, the smartest and the toughest Orc species out there. Of course their boss was the worst of the bunch. They could run for days without stopping, and despite the brutal murder in which they was caught up with the Crossing at the end of The Cross, they were at the mercy of their hearts.

Lurtz sliced his giant bow and arrows and pierced the whole dozen arrows and pierced its place through Boromir. As he fought Agorn’s battle, Lurtz showed what an amazing monster he was. After Aragorn pierced his sword through his abdomen, Lurtz decided to pierce it further so that he could close to the would-be-King.

One quick move and Lurtz’ head began flying, so I’d be happy in the entire film.


Gollum, aka Smeagol, was no villain; he was an antagonist in many of The Two Towers and The Return of the King’s king’s events. Frodo and Sam used Gollum as a guide to Mount Doom, while he just wanted to return the Ring she often calls My precious.

While the two fishermen were fishing, Smeagol got the Ring. Smeagol kills his brother, instantly corrupted by the Rings. He became Gollum eventually. As a result of that, he never fell overboard, was unreasonably distracted, helping Frodo and Sam to a certain point with a loss of life at a time, and saved them.

Eventually, the power of the Rings was too much for the poor Smeagol, as he ran onto the mountains of Doom and burned with the Ring, smiling all the way down, just because the Ring was in front of him again.


One of the horrifying dangers that Gollum led Frodo and Samwise into was the gigantic spider that lived in the tunnels leading to Cirith Ungol about Minas Morgul. Shelob was the spawn of an unexplained spider, that was much larger and even had special powers in her father’s life, who at the time destroyed two trees of Valinor.

Shelob did not have any powers; nor was she good or bad, but she was a menacing threat to anyone passing through her tunnels. Orcs, men, elfies, blinds or Hobbits Shelob picks, she doesn’t choose any more; she is just eat and kills.

One of the goblins explained that Shelob loves to paralyze her prey with her venom and then eat them while they’re still alive but can’t move. Shed do the same to Frodo did not have been for Sam. For some people, Shelob could be the worst in the town of the Rings.

Mouth of Sauron.

Before he began serving the Dark Lord, there is no lot about the Mouth of Sauron. No one remembers his real name not even the Mouth of Sauron himself. To become the best of the Ringwraiths and Saurons, he’s the most trusted leader, not only by the Dark Lord himself but by the Witch-king of Angmar.

It is believed that Mouth of Sauron was an African-American and was considered to be a Black Numenorean before becoming a Nazgul. That would explain his great faith and devotion to the Dark Lord. Most scenes with the beast have been cut but later reinstated in Jacksons extended version of The Return of The King.

The Mouth of Sauron lied that Frodo and Sam were tortured and murdered before their release from Alguerre.

Interestingly, the design of creatures should be completely different in this film. The mouth of Jackson is right, but Jackson doesn’t like this idea, so they used special effects to make it double as big, with the broken lips and huge, rotting teeth. It should be illustrated that even talking to Saurons is enough to rotten mind, soul and soul.

The Nazgul, also known as the Ringwraiths, were Saurons slaves and mighty warriors, who had huge black drams, screeching loud enough to kill a person. Unless the sound was, then fear.

They were all men before Sauron took hold of their hands in order to defile them until he broke his spirit and then turned them into his subordinates, so they obeyed only the Dark Lord himself.

The Ringwraiths were amazing and hard to kill. He was the witch-king of Angmar, whom I’ll speak more about separately. Interestingly, one of the Nazgul’s natives was Isildur, a ragorn who isn’t an Indian ancestor. After Orcs killed him in a river, they took isildurs body to Sauron, who turned him into a Ringwraith.

The Dead King was a great God.

The men of white mountains were summoned first to help protect Middle-earth from Darkness. However, with time, they betrayed Isildur and fled into the mountain, where they never remained and were so tired they hadn’t fulfilled their vows.

Enter the army of the dead. Before the Battle of Tirith, Aragorn leaves his army and delves into the mountains. He urges the dead to obey their vows and fight for him with the broken knife of Narsil Elendils.

The Lord of the Dead refuses, but they threaten to kill Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, but when they see the Kings blade, they will accept and fight.

A day was saved by the death penalty and his army. Nobody could harm them, as they were already dead spirits, swarming the battlefield, and demolishing the enemy, before Aragorn finally accepted his promise, and released them of their curse.


Saruman was once the world’s best wizard. He was the White Wizard, and leader of the Five Mightiest Wizards’ Order, sent to Middle-Earth, to help fight the evil emerging in the East.

But, in the end, he succumbed to the Power of One Rings and became a villain. I say, to the king’s power because, despite having a reputation as an ally, he planned to trick the Lord in a way even for the real purpose of keeping the Ring for himself.

Why did Saruman join Sauron in The Lord of the Rings?

He created a lot of frustration and loss throughout the trilogy even though Christopher Lee performed as a Sarumanman, a sensation when I saw him pierced on a huge spike at the bottom of his tower. When the Ingested led by Treebeard, Merry and Pippen ruined Isengard, I jumped a joyous stairs into the room.

Still, as in Sarumans eyes, he sees the shock of 2 Towers – he aims to run the enemy’s forces and puts down his tear in his face, knowing what might happen the night before.

We were slowly reaching the top three of the most powerful villains in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. The Maiar were immortal spirits created for the Valar to sculpt the world upon its creation in the first century. People with fallen members of Melkors influence the first Dark Lord. More powerful than Sauron became the Balrogs.

Having such powerful creatures and self-conscious, the demons would probably have some great advantage of their own time — even if they were killed, using powerful weapons and narcotics to demolish anything in their path. Most of them died, but as the Dwarves burned out the Mine of Moria, they woke up a Balrog.

God fought the beast as the Fellowship tried to help and quickly threw it into a horde of despair. But, he whipped Gandalf around the leg and dropped him. So that gave a legend: Run the fools. It still gave me goosebumps.

Gandalf ultimately defeated the beast, but died himself, only to be revived as Gandalf the White in the sequel.

The king of the witches of Anmar is the witch of the witch-king.

The hated witch-king of Angmar is the leader of the Nazgul and the second-person supervisors. He’s the second on our list of most powerful Lord of the Rings villains. A person could not imagine a tainted creature with no face. However, while Saurons was bringing one of the Nine Rings, the Witch-King turned out to be more a creature than a man, becoming the most powerful Ringwraith of all.

The history behind the character is long, and his ability leads Saurons into countless battles and big victories almost singlehandedly killing Arnor. As with real truth, Arnor was already split into seven smaller kingdoms, so as to say the Dark Lord and the Witch-king had much easier work.

No man could kill the witch-king, as he eloquently said to Eowyn during the Minas Tirith battle. Unfortunately, the Witch-king wasn’t aware that Eowyn was not a man, so he could kill him by just knowing that she was there. He turned him into nothing but air and dust.


Finally, the Dark Lord is the one who is just a third on the list of the most powerful of the Rings and Hobbit heroes. Despite his historical history, no one was aware of.

Sauron has survived numerous incidents that mean death for one. He used to be the exception to this rule, as Sauron put most of his power into the One Ring. Any time that he defeated him would be the first one to return to his former place, all the time until he has lost the lone rings.

It was the only way to ruin it was by forged meaning, and this was the Mount Doom in the middle of Mordor Sarmarons, where men could enter alive. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Ring corrupted anyone who was living in Middle-earth almost instantly? Luckily, she gave us a bit of a break.

Interestingly, after Frodo destroyed the Ring, many fans believed that Sauron was dead. Quite frankly, he didn’t work out. You see, in the universe of Tolkiens, one cannot destroy and go to zero. As a matter of not holding physical form, it can heal, regenerate and regrow. Only if it were pushed beyond an extended point could it never recover.

Sauron tried to make it easy to enforce that rule by putting his native power into the Ring. Even though the Ring was destroyed, the spirit of Saurons was lost alive that he couldn’t make it again, so he didn’t even think he had coherent thought. As Gandalf said in his book, a pure spirit of malice gnaws in the shadows.

Here you have the ultimate guide to the most powerful The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit villains.