The Most Rare Liar! Who was a A? What does she want from the Liars?

Do you want to know who is A in Pretty Little Liars Original Sin? Here are the answers.

Pretty Little Liars Original Sin is nearing its end. The show was really fun and intriguing so far. We hope the actors survive that. As long as you wrap up everything in three ending episodes, the second season is much appreciated. But the news that the author is A ought to be out the second half of the series and we can’t be surprised to see some characters who have been giving us all the creeps.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Pretty Little Liars Original Sin is produced by Muckle Man Productions, Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television & will reboot the iconic teen drama of the 2010Pretty Little Liars. There are Chandler Kinney and Tom Hayworth, Maia Reficco as Noa Olivar, Bailee Madison as Imogen Adams, Zaria and Faran Bryant, Malia Pyles as Mouse Honrada, Alex Aiono as Shawn, Mallory Bechtel as twins Karen & Kelly Beasley, Eric Johnson as Sheriff Beasley amongst others.

With only three episodes left, let’s go with the show’s theories.

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Pretty Little Liars original Sin Theories on Who is A?

Tom Beasley seemed a shady character from the beginning. From being suspicious and creepy to doing something that clearly reflect the fact that he might just be a real violent person. Our theory is that a town where Sheriff married Angela was romantically correlated with her, thus the poor girl got pregnant and gave a set of babies: Karen and Kelly. However, he suffered from an unprecedented death and ended up marrying Martha.

Despite the insults anger faces, he never could let off the frightened insult of Angela, and thus started his revenge plot against the Liars mother and directed Karen and Kelly to torture the Liars children at school. It clearly explains why Faran even felt that Kelly seemed like Karen originally as it was because the sisters faked that death and took turns pretending to be Kelly. Beasley, of course, wasn’t willing to punish these people a more tortureless punishment and so asked Kelly/Karen to help him, to get his girls out of the police mess. Moreover, an investigation will prove that Karen isn’t actually dead.


Hasnt Chip looked awful and unfriendly for the past two episodes? Perhaps you should be tagging on to a health class assignment on Imogen handling a child? Isn’t he the father of Imogens and isn’t he tired of attacking her and not telling her that, but this is the way of salvation? Well, you’re never familiar with it. However, it’s definitely clear that A is almost everyone in the gang – and as soon as possible, he is a teen.

What’s more, what the hell!

Please read the chapter in “How Pretty Little Liars” the original story from episode 6 and seven: Fans are dispersed by Riverdale – Rosewood in English.

Karen and Kelly Beasley were all in touch.

I said something. I’ll say something about this: that I don’t think Karen died. We think she is undercover and taking turns with her little sister Kelly, to give us revenge. The sisters have clearly worked either with their fathers or with their fathers.


Wes is a character that never looked anywhere in the Pretty Little Liars Original Sin universe. His affection for Tabby displays Lolita-like vibes and his resemblance to horror films may be more than his obsession, he can well be his research on how to defeat Tabby and her friends and earn the Liars. Another reason why we say A is inspired by a horror movie is because his mask is similar to Michael Myers’s Halloween movie series.

Wes can be Angela Waters’ son, whom she was born during high school and when she needed to support her friends, they kicked her to the curb. That makes sense as Wes is about to get older than her friend.

A family of Angela Waters (Sheep/Child) (Father/Child)

The theory is similar to Wes and Beasley’s twins, but also can be something we haven’t really seen before. However, Angelas family members are seeking revenge for her death.

It’s still from Pretty Little Liars Original Sin Episode 7 out of this series.

A nexus, his wife, his wife, his father.

Another figure we don’t know about is always very subtle in all sets of Pretty Little Liars original sin. It will not be shocking to see that A is actually the man who assaulted Imogen and had him get pregnant. It won’t be shocking if it turns out there are someone from this list or someone from the show we already know.

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