The new Saints Row title is being watched with a long set of action

The title comes on our consoles in a week. The reboot of the Saints Row license is due in a few days and the communication around the title progressed. A new video was published yesterday for us to learn more about the gameplay of the title. In this [] is a [character].

The title arrives at the house in a week.

The reboot of the Saints Row license will be released soon, and the communication surrounding the title is a notch. A few days ago, a new video was released to show us the way the title ended up in.

In this video we will learn more about the different factions and the city of Santo Ileso. As does Las Vegas, the city is lost in the middle of the desert and has a lot of crime, money on the net and much more. In the factions, we see The Panthers of the West (Seniors) whose direction is under the direction of a certain Sergio. So long as money is made, the expert will help keep them silent.

The idols, whose main themes will appear in the first episode of the franchise, include anarchy, electronic music and technology. After that, they are Los Marshalls, led by Atticus, a new defense force with almost unlimited capital, ensuring order in his own way. Lastly, the desert also has a military force. They seem very good at humor.

Saints Row is available in Xbox series X|SXbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC, et al. 23.