The Psycho-Pass Watch Order Complete Guide (including movies and films)

Psycho-Pass is a Japanese cyberpunk anime series produced by Production I.G studio and co-directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro and Naoyoshi Shiotani and written by Gen Urobuchi. This story is set in an unassuming, pantopian future where the sanity of every citizen of Japan can be assessed using ubiquitous computers to identify potential criminals. This story revolves around the idea of how things are going to go out of town. The Complete Guide (Including Movies & Cases) Read More.

Psycho-Pass is a Japanese cyberpunk anime series produced by Production I.G studio, and co-directs by Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Motormen and Japanese Shiotani and written by Gen Urobuchi. This story is set in a universe where the sanity of every citizen of the Japanese society is measured by ubiquitous computer devices to take potential criminals into consideration. The story revolves around Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori as well as the other members of the Unit 1 Public Security Bureau (PSB).

It aired on Fuji TV in an uptick time period between October 2012 and March 2013. An anime film was conducted for the second season. In October and December 2014, an axons aired between October and December 2014, followed by an episode of the first season of the year January 2015. A film trilogy entitled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System was released between January and March 2019. In the third season is October and December 2019, followed by the animated film Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector in March 2020. A new animated movie called Providence is out.

We will give you a thorough look at Psycho-Pass. Yours get all the necessary information, as well as a complete guide to the entire anime series, including the four anime movies that are part of the franchise.

The Psycho-Pass clock is ordered by release date of release.

In this section we will give you an overview of the psycho-pass works on a fair length of time:

  • Please take a ride to the rat of a horse, 2012.
  • Psycho-Pass 2, (anime, 2014).
  • Psycho-Pass: The Movie.
  • Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System: February 19, 2019).
  • The Bill 3 (Anime, 2019) is for animity.
  • Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector (movie, 2020)
  • PsychoPass PROVIDENCE (TBA)
  • In the next section, we’ll explain to you how to watch the series in chronological order.

    The chronological period for the Psycho-Pass is followed by the chronology of the watch.

    In this section, we’ll give you a chronological overview of the works in question:

    Psycho-Pass: The System’s first and foremost Guardian (movie, 2019).

    Enforcer Teppei Sugo is a very distinguished former officer. He was acting as close air support for a Navy ground force alongside itsuki Otomo, another pilot and communications officer. Together they formed a close-knit military family, including Rin, the wife of Itsukis, who was a soldiers’ ground commander.

    The team was attacked outside Japan, but Sugo lost its stance on the battlefield. Sugo is devastated by the loss of his son and is tortured because he’d been ordered to abandon his friends. He is confronted by MWPSB officers Aoyanagi and Masaoka, who tell him he is a primary suspect in a terrorist attack apparently carried out by his MIA commander, Itsuki.

    They find out that the army tested a biological weapon against the enemy and did the rest of the strike team die. Itsuki knew the attack before before and put his memories in an android. He was stopped by the FBI forces. Rin tries to attack the army commander, but he kills him instead. Those positions are all marked as a commander. After these events, Sugos stress levels are increasing and he gets engaged with the MWPSB.

    “Psychologist Pass”, 2012-2013.

    The plot of the first season, consisting of 22 episodes, is divided into two parts: the second, which follows the work of Inspector Division 1, and shows a close-up view of the characters and their shared relationship, and the second, which explains the final twist of the story and the fight against Shogo Makishima.

    The main character of the anime, Akane Tsunemori arrives at her new job as a second inspector in the team led by Nobuchika Ginoza. After they inform you of this case, Akane leaves the Uft. to find the suspect. In that case, we are informed of the importance of the Dominator, as well as the relationship between the inspector and the Uft.

    Akane demonstrated her strong moral integrity, love of justice, and willingness to consider the Enforcers more colleagues than tools. Because of her attitude, she often became a frightened woman, who shared antagonistic views. The first few episodes show that division 1 is working on issues that can make sense until the deaths of a number of online avatars prompt a deeper investigation.

    When you add mutilated corpses to the scene, Shinya Kogami, formerly an inspector and now an Enforcer, finds a connection between these murders and an earlier case that he was demoted to Enforcer. It’s been well-researched and the department 1 finds out that a genius criminal named Shogo Makishima is behind that all.

    Although Akane manages to find and close to arrest Makishima, she discovers that he has truly been immune to the Dominators and that despite his criminal activities, his Crime Coefficient is actually 0. We soon learned that Makishima is actually criminally asymptomatic, in fact, a person, with no effect on its efficiency in fact, can’t be reached with a higher coefficient.

    Psycho-Pass Pretoria Film Characters and the Stream of the Voice Casting.

    While a lot of problems persist, the situation becomes even worse when unknown criminals in helmets begin a series of crimes without the scanners reading the disturbance in Psycho-Pass. Even though the PSB manages to arrest some of them, Makishima, who is also behind this, distributes the helmets to more criminals and creates chaos.

    The problem with helmets is that they raise the low Psycho-Pass of surrounding observers and therefore give the wearer immunity from Dominators. Makishimas plan is to create complete chaos and improve the sibyl system, where he fast succeeds after he and his associate break into the building where the sibyl center is located.

    While Makishkima creates diversion, his associate, Choe Gu-sung, heads to Sibyl, followed by Enforcer Shusei Kagari. Choe and Kagari are both able to get to Sibyl and discover his secret but then the head of the PSB, Joshu Kasei, appears and kills them. Makishima is arrested a second time.

    Chief Kasei revealed in a conversation with Makishima that he and Makishima would like Makishima to become a part of Sibyl, and then revealed to him the secret that Sibyl was hiding from society. Makishima explains where he’s located and manages to escape, crashing his cargo. He then contacts Kogami and informs him that he has survived. Boss Kasei, actually a robot that Sibyl regenerated every time, bans the investigation into the ship’s crash and orders Ginoza to arrest Makishima.

    The new plan by Makishimas is a bioterrorism act that destroys the Japanese economy and cause total chaos that will lead to the collapse of Sibyl. It becomes clear in advance that the current laws aren’t enough to save Makishima. Meanwhile, Ginozas Hue becomes upset. Akane gets a personal call from Sibyl that reveals his secret to him and asks for her help in the apprehending of Makishima. Using a little help from Dr. Sing, Ginoza and Kogamis are an associate professor. It works out which Makishima is, what exactly he’s and what exactly he’s about.

    They will go to the land factory where Makishima plans to use a virus to poison all of Japan’s crops, and thus create chaos. Even though he is alone, Makishima is very complex and almost escapes from them. While Akane wants to save his life, for Sibyls sake, but rather for her own moral convictions, Kogami has no doubt about what to do.

    He managed to follow Makishima who crossed a cliff on the surrounding hill, and waited quietly for Kogami. After they exchange a few line, Kogami kills Makishima with a pistol shot and disappears. When we see Kogami flee on an unknown ship, Akane is responsible for the report to the boss, and that is, Sibyl. The season ended the same way that as it began, the young inspector arrives at the crime scene where she’s greeted by Akane, now the chief inspector, while Ginoza’s admissions to Enforcer.

    PsychoPass 2 (animo, 2014): 3000 h ueflona hydi.

    In contrast to the second season of the anime, the original has only 11 episodes and starts with narration in medias res. The PSB was aware of an explosion in one of the city’s squares, even if it was not that deadly. The investigators, Akane Tsunemori and Mika Shimotsuki, work together on the case and the Enforcers and the humanists can communicate this story to the videotaper.

    It’s Akira Kitazawa, an engineer who knows explosives. During the chase, Kitazawa appears to take a captive, soon after being released. Akanes takes care of Kitazawa, while Mizue Shisui and her Enforcer Yamatoya take care of the woman. Akane managed to calm Kitazawa down so she wouldn’t kill him, but Inspector Shisui reveals the hostage is actually a hologram or trap, as it’s a presupus of Akane.

    Behind the hologram is a man that the Dominator doesn’t register at all, who stuns the inspector and uses his Dominator to kill Yamatoya. What was written in blood at the place of the incident WC? I heard that after a battle with Akane and Dr. Saiga acted like that, but the situation suddenly becomes worse when the spokesman ordered Kashita to go.

    The investigation itself does not stop, and Kitazawa, who kills Inspector Risa Aoyanagi, pronounces Kamui. Akane found a WC? in his apartment on the wall of his room, but the investigation didn’t reveal anything. Soon after, she realized that the message was an acronym for What Color?

    We soon discovered that Kamui took the head of the Inspector Shisui and implanted her eye so he could look like a Dominator. He discovered that he knew a method to permanently lower the crime coefficient irrespective of the actual stress level. Kamui was quite early on as a criminal rather than Makishima, with the same goal for which (and the society stripped of Sibyls control) he is a sensible psychopath and a precise scientist, testing Sibyls boundaries and proveing his unsuitability in that context.

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    When he proves Sibyl isn’t perfect in herself, then society will not continue to follow his judgments. His actions come as a resurgence, with a series of chaotic situations that he tested his theses and created a whole series of problems for the PSB. So there was an incident in the pharmacy that led to a massacre and a robot factory – where Akane met Kamui briefly but quickly escaped.

    The further case is a gradual map with its progress. In order to measure the Crime Coefficient of Sibyls, he wants to prove existence of a collective Psycho-Pass that would make Sibyls existence useless. During development of a plan, on-line secrets from Kamuis have been learned, which explain the fact that the Dominators do not register him at all, but also the secret plan of Enforcer Sakuya Togane has been revealed.

    Kamui demonstrated nobility when he went to eliminate Togane, but was stopped by Akane, who showed him a lot of respect and took him to Sibyl, where Kamui proved the imperfection of the system by measuring Sibyls Crime Coefficient.

    Togane interrupted his request, who tore off his finger and free himself from the handcuffs. Before the death of the others, Kamui sends a significant message to Akane, reemphasizing her role in the reform of society and the system. The season ends with a conversation between Akane and Kasei, in which Akane demonstrates his moral strength again.

    The book Psycho-Pass (movie, 2015)

    In the year 2116, the Japanese government is beginning to export the drones of the Sybil System to countries in trouble and spread this system in the whole world. In the middle of a civil war, SEAUn (Social Union of South East Asia, also known as the SIG, agrees with the Sybils as a experiment. Under the system the coastal town Shambala Float manages external security and temporary peace.

    But then the Government of the SEAUn sends terrorists to Japan, who infiltrate the system from the inside out to attack them. A certain man hat a shadow of a certain person who’s been injured in the accident. Tsunemori decides to go to Shambala Float to investigate. The truth behind the gimmick is soon getting clearer.

    Psychiatry, The Philosophers of the System, the Act of the System, and the Efforts of Evil, 2019.

    The enforcer Nobuchika Ginoza and the inspector Mika Shimotsuki of Unit 1, find a traumatized woman and becomes clear quickly that a drug has altered his mental state. Akane Tsunemoris team is ordered to bring her back to an special trial prison, which is actually the location where the woman worked as a therapist. Akane sends her colleague, Inspector Shimotsuki, and two of their Enforcers, Ginoza and Kunizuka, to investigate the prison while she and the rest of Unit One go to Tokyo to examine the case.

    By providing the latest combination of medicine, therapy and work, the prison has gotten a different kind of society, a where latent criminals act in harmony with each other if their delinquency rates are lower than 90, most often, and do a valuable work for society. Mika sees that woman as a criminal worth killing, but she and Ginoza realize that the woman used herself as bait to seek refuge for a young child.

    Mika and Ginoza discover that the warden is exploiting the prisoners to bury nuclear waste under the prison. This causes the prisoners to die from radiation. Mika records the guards confessing to his crimes and reveals them to the prisoners. After Mika’s killing the warden, the prisoner is on a rampage. Mika and Ginoza chase after all the conniving personnel, and they then leave to work to protect the prison guards. They later discover that Sybil system knew of the Wardens motive, given that prison is situated on the old nuclear waste dump of Systems.

    Psycho-Pass: Senses in the System In the Realm and Beyond / On The Other Side of Love and Hate (movie, 2019).

    Shinya Kogami travels Tibetan and Himalayas in a freelance industry. He saves a bus full of guerrilla fugitives, including a half-Japanese girl, Tenzing Wangchuk. She asks him to teach her martial arts so she can try to revenge her parents murderer. Kogami agrees, but warns you not to take the path of revenge like previously.

    He meets Frederica Hanashiro of Japan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, who is thought to be seeking Kimin, Chinese people stranded outside the country, with the aim of bringing them home if they are of good color. He helps Kogami protect the fugitives, but is injured and saved by Garcia, a mercenary who worked for the peacekeeping mission of the peacekeepers.

    As Kogami gets better, he is resentful of his past actions of revenge by killing Shogo Makishima when he leaves Sybil. Tenzing sabotaged the peace talks as his fathers killer and secretly sabotaged them. He wrongly injures her, but he informs Kogami about the plan of Garcia. Frederica helps Kogami if he works with her. After killing Garcia, he returns to Japan with her.

    Psycho-Pass PROVIDENCE (TBA)

    With the posters and the post-credit scene of First Inspector, we hope that this movie might cover the eveents between 2118 and 3 years, which also explain the suicide of Shindos father and death of Ignatov’s brother, and the incarceration of Akane Tsunemori. This is but a speculative matter.

    The Psycho-Pass 3 (anime, 2019) will be delivered through January 20.

    The Public Safety Bureau orders Arata Shindo and Kei Mikhail Ignatov newly appointed agents to Unit 1 now managed by Mika Shimotsuki. The team of Enforcers now consisting of Tenma Todoroki, Kazumichi Irie, Mao Kisaragi and Sho Hinakawa meet them and are surprised at how Arata can observe people through his mental track.

    In the season, Unit One investigates a case for the idol Karina Komiya, who was elected mayor of Tokyo. While pursuing the crime with which they attempt to kill them, Unit 1 meets the Foreign Affairs Department’s Directorate of Law Enforcement, a branch that oversees international crimes such as smuggling and terrorism.

    Under a name written by Frederica Hanashiro, the Ministry gives the protagonists a list of fox-skilled criminals from the secret criminal organization Bifrost. While searching for a cult, Ignatov and Kisarage are kidnapped by their leader, the son of a Bifrost member. Ignatovs wife, Maiko Maya Stronskaya, is also taken hostage. Since the leader wants to take advantage of Ignatov, he’s murdered instead by Maiko.

    This makes Maiko a latent criminal who is now hidden. As a result, Bifrost is reduced to three members who conspired against each other – and soon as we can imagine that their late father was one of them. Unit 1 allies with the Ministry to stop Bifrost and Shindo is chosen as Komiyas bodyguard, fearing she could be the next target.

    Ignatov meets Sizuka Homura of Bifrost, who offers his wife’s return so his wife wouldn’t help her. Between those two in the prisons for the unknown crime, the former Inspector Akane Tsunemori is still imprisoned for an unknown crime. He claims that she picked Shindo to be her successor to solve an incident, as both the two sounded better, on the side of the Sybil system. The series ends on a cliffhanger when a car crash destroys two former units one members Yayoi Kunizuka. The plot of this series sank in the movie PsychoPass 3: First Inspector.

    The Psycho-Pass three: First Inspector (movie, 2020)

    Koichi Azusawa of a mysterious Bifrost crime group plans to attack the Public Safety Bureau with Chiyo Obata along with two Pathfinders. His name is Jackdaw and Vixen. Shirogane returns to Bifrost, where he prepares to bet Shizuka Homura upon the outcome of the heist.

    Azusawa shuts up the office and uses Obata to free the criminals and use them to counteract the crimes as a diversion. After the attack, one gets left without its inspectors; the scouts destroy unit two; and the scout is trapped inside the building. As for the unit 1, Arata Shindo is a co-host.

    Meanwhile, the Inspector Mii Milhail Ignatov was contacted by Shirogane, who promises to reveal to him the truth about his brothers’ death, in exchange for his loyalty. When we arrive in the restaurant, Shugo and Ignatov take both the two out and they are ambushed by a sniper-turret. Shinya Kogami and Nobuchika Ginoza of the State Departments Law Enforcement Branch arrive and work with Ignatov to foil the war and ensure the public safety.

    Azusawa requested that the Governor Karina Komiya resign, or that everyone in the building be killed. The Boy Scouts capture Harumi Hosorogi, a general manager for the office, but instead of being called a Azusawas persona, she jumps out of the building and dies. Arata was a free download for Shion Karanomori and Karina Komiya a sexy release.

    Ignatov and the Suppression Squad use a State Department helicopter to attack the drone sniper turret and manage to destroy it but cause a lot of explosions. Ignatov and Kogami cross the roof, where they reunite with Kisaragi and Irie, and Shindo informs her of the situation. Shindo – who can take Karanomori and Komiya to the server room, and they are intercepted by Jackdaw, but thanks to the help of Ignatov and other detectives, including Shinya Kogami, escape.

    This makes Shindo easy to escort Komiya and Karanomori into the room, so that they can restore internal communication. Azusawa called Ignatov and offered him a deal to trade for his wife with the governor, but Ignatov refuses. Komiya and Karanomori arrive in the room, but they’re sealed with poison gas. Take advantage of the challenge that challenges Azusawa, Karanomori is able to restore a third of the system but is knocked out by the gas.

    Then Ignatov arrives with Irie and Kisaragi, and rescues them. Shindo is protecting the site of Owanee he fought against the battle robot and reveals that the gas that was filled the lower floors of the building is harmless, so he calls Azusawa a bluff. Public Safety decides to use Ma-Karina (Karinas AI) replication to fake her death, but Ignatov secretly sends Ma-Karinas data to Homura on his request.

    Shindo follows Azusawa as he learns how to get married to his father. Through the trail, Shindo recalls his father, Atsushi, having signed a deal with Bifrost to protect him from the Sibyl System despite being asymptomatic in a criminal way, so the organization would remove him. She has a strong sense of what Azusawas wish is, who exchanges information with the Ministry about the Peacebreaker with overseas. Shirogane realizes that Karina isn’t dead in Bifrost.

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    Kogami and Ignatov kill both Jackdaw and Vixen, and prepare for the arrest of Azusawa, but Shindo wants to confront him himself. Azusawa and Obata confront Shindo. Azusawa disclosed to Shindo that Ma-Karinas development was part of Bifrosts plan on opening a new mine in the Sibyl System and that his ultimate goal was to become a member of Sibyl.

    As in the early days of the Sibyl system, Bifrost was originally a debugging unit, but its members began to abuse their position to exploit Sibyls vulnerabilities. Homura revealed that he used Ma-Karina to counter Shiroganes AI-assisted inversions, resulting in Shiroganes’ death. Homura also appoints Sibyl to become the next congressman to destroy Bifrost. Shindo takes Azusawa to the heart of the Sibyl System, where he wants to join the Sibyl System.

    While Sibyl refuses him, Azusawa isn’t criminally asymptomatic and is arrested by Shindo. After that, Karina explained to the audience that the attack on public safety was orchestrated by anti-Sibyl terrorists. My wife, Yayoi, and Karanomori can survive and agree to go live together if Shion is relieved of her duties as an analyst upon request.

    Homura is appointed to replace missing Kasei as the new head of Public Safety, and Akane Tsunemori will be appointed into force. She’s released from her prison and is taken up by Kogami. Shindo and Ignatov admit they are keeping secrets between each other but promise that they will eventually tell each other the truth. In the post-credits scene, Tsunemori contacts Shindo and Ignatov, stating that she’ll tell them everything about that event that occurred two years ago.