The ten curiosities of Imigo (Bleach) that you didn’t know you didn’t know what the curiosities were

Among the many anime that have led fans to the world, Bleacha is a manga series that tells us about the adventures of a noble-hearted teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki. Unlike other anime with their protagonists they aren't the most popular characters.Hichigo was a long-running series favorite for his fans and a [] fan.

Among the many anime that have marked anime fans around the world is Bleacha manga series that tells us about the adventures of a noble-hearted teenager named Kurosaki.

Since he’s an avid reader of anime, and if it doesn’t tell you in the long run it is known as chigo. Despite that, many are still not aware of their character.

For this reason, in this article we will tell you 10 curiosities that you probably haven’t known about Ichigo from Bleach.

Ichigos Reiatsu has different colors in anime and manga.

When writing anime, it’s common to get permission of some other creators at once. For that reason, art directors often make decision making and even make changes compared to the original work.

The best of Bleach is that, in the manga, Ichigos Reiatsu is yellow. Nevertheless, in anime there is blue blue. This change sure left comic fans quite confused, since they were already used to the bright color and a change doesn’t look like a specific reason.

The Ichigos sword isn’t weighing him at all.

You are not a better off noticing them. It is important to note that Ichigos sword is big and does not weigh a lot of weight, because of its structure.

In an interview, which started of Tite Kubo, it revealed that the famous sword does not weigh anything. This is because he is a Zanpaku-tou and he lives from within Ichigo, which is a part of your body. Certainly I am able to charge a lot of more than a bit of an average penny.

His greatest strength is also his weakness.

We already know that Ichigo has a habit of protecting others, but he doesn’t do it for popularity. He is really worried about suffering, so is why the poor is much more than those who have the poor, because he thinks that people profit from those who need it.

According to the author of the series, this altruistic aspect of the character Hes also his biggest weakness. often the character is lost in danger instead of others. As much as his greatest weakness, always thinking and considering the needs of others is his greatest strength.

Several anime scenes were censored.

If you don’t read bleach manga, you could be surprised to learn that in Kubos drawings, there was much bloodier than in the drawing. This rule applies especially to Ichigo, because both the wounds and the wounds that he inflicted were loaded with dark liquid splashing all over the scene.

The anime censored the most graphic drawings, reducing Ichigos wounds, the blood volume and even putting the violence off screen.

Reference to James Bond.

Maybe you know the secret organisation of Xuction, known as Naruki City. we could understand more about her in the arch of the artists of complete manifestation, which for many is of the weakest arches of the series.

Nevertheless, we’ve left a weird curiosity. On the other hand it is confirmed that in one scene the registration number of Ichigo was only 007. This is a reference to the most famous spy of all timethe elegant and talented agent, James Bond.

He only lets his sister cut his hair.

Some of the most striking features of Mirigo is her bright orange hair. He did not like the complexity of questions he had about her hair color when he approached a cut. For this reason he only lets his younger sister Yuzu Kurosaki cut his hair.

His name has lots of meanings.

According to the authors who are probably famous for their character names, many often use the word verder in the middle of the protagonist. This is because to Japanese people, their names have meaning.

Der ichigos case isn’t different, as it is also smaller. First of all, Isnigo is a literal word for maliki, a kanji called. The word “isigo” means “fruit”. This seems to explain the appearance of strawberries in the series.

But it’s actually a word. (mamoru) in particular means to protect, and can also become pronounced as go. On the other hand, man is a man. For Ichigo, his name is ichi for being the first prize and comes for guardian angel. For his father, aber, Ichigo is the one who protects.

Now the last meaning of the word is 15, meaning it means that since ichi the number 1 and go is like 5 is pronounced. That’s why in Ichigo, he usually wears shirt number 15. The story begins with his age and the day before his death is July 15th.

Fans forced Ichigos to a romantic life.

The shonen often reincarnate mostly by their character’s cast and combat. The Romans can be found in a genre of anime and romantic manga for teenagers, but most people are separated from the most violent works.

Bleach was considered just another anime at the start. Focused on the personalities and their difficulties, it focused on the character’s personality. However, as the manga got higher, fans began to be drawn up, but instead, allowing them to glean onto each other, Ichigo would end up dating Orihime o Rukia, a point where the author couldn’t ignore it.

Though the end resulted in the ending of giving up and deepened into Ichigos romantic life through his father offering wife and son, this wasn’t the initial plan. In fact, Kubo believes there are much more exciting aspects to explore in your story.

Kubo dedicated his songs to a song.

In anime, this is not usually seen much. How is it possible that the author of Bleach gave a song to Ichigo Kurosaki which didn’t have anything to do with the anime? For her, the song that represents the character is the one that represents the word “News From The Front they Bad Religion”.

You can listen below.

Ichigo won’t be the protagonist of Bleach.

This data will surely surprise you, and besides, in fact, the well-known Kurosaki Ichigo won’t be the protagonist of Bleach. In fact, Kubo started the story with Rukia Kuchiki as a main character. Ishigo, on the other hand, was originally created as a sleeve design, having a gentle expression, glasses and dark hair.

Kubo decided that I’d be better off than a supporting character. Since the design of Ichigogave reflects his orange hair and his appearance has gone a long way towards a distinct character.

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  • Ichigos Reiatsu has different color schemes in anime and manga.
  • Ichigos sword doesn’t weigh him at all.
  • His greatest weakness is the ability of him to succeed.
  • Many anime scenes were censored.
  • A reference to James Bond
  • His little sister can only cut her hair.
  • His name does have many meanings.
  • Fans pushed the Ichigos romantic life for his lovers.
  • Kubo dedicated a song to him.
  • Ichigo won’t be the protagonist of Bleach’s story.
  • More articles and news on anime