The Tiger & Bunny 2 gets a new key for part 2 of the series

TAGER, and BUNNY, will return on October 7th, and a part 2 will be completed.

TIGER & BUNNY 2 is going to be back on the second part of the series on October 7th. The main visual was released for the anime. Bandai Namco Pictures is the director. Mitsuko Kase is the director. Look at the new key visuals.

TIGER & BUNNY 2 Anime, Key Visual.

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The original anime by SUNRISE was directed by Keiichi Sato and aired between April and September 2011. He had 25 episodes, too. The first installment of the new anime was released on Netflix in April this year with 13 episodes in total and part 2 will also have 12 episodes. Besides the director Mitsuko Kase, the staff also includes Masafumi Nishida as the story director and Masakazu Katsura as the character designer. Netflix describes the story: In Sternbild City, humans of all races and ethnicities live alongside people with superhuman abilities called NEXT, who use their NEXT abilities to maintain peace. The heroes re-run the popular show Hero TV. Their activities are rated to exceed the annual rank and aim to be the King of Heroes. The hero system originated in Sternbild is now popular across the world. As superheroes become more and more popular, a new hero arrives in Sternbild. Now they’re more veteran heroes, can Kotetsu and Barnaby meet the expectations imposed on them?

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