The Xbox Game Pass may lose a new sports game soon

A few months ago, we shared that NBA 2K22 was coming to Microsoft's premier service, also a Xbox Game Pass, but everything seems to indicate that the opposite is going to happen. We know that Xbox is always on the lookout for new games to add to the services vast catalog and some of them are rolling.

A few months ago I shared that NBA 2K22 came into Microsoft’s premier service, d. h. Xbox Game Pass, but all of this seems to indicate that the opposite is about to happen now. We know that Xbox is always looking for new games to add to services’ extensive catalog and some are rolling.

These games that play to Game Pass are often used to be for a certain time. However, if it is for contractual reasons between Microsoft and third party companies, they will have agreement for the games to have visibility and a certain time in the service.

The app message on Xbox Games tells you that NBA 2K22 is leaving Game Pass.

The message that would come to us from the Xbox Game app informs us of the imminent departure of NBA 2K22 from the service for August 31, ending your access. At the same time, we will see that we have 20% discount for those who have played and want to buy the game.

The reason for the release of NBA 2K22 is that it would not happen until it has finally reached 4 months since the announcement, but this is not a new situation, other games have gone out in a relatively quick time, we have to wait, a official announcement is made or it is all a mistake. Also specify that there isn’t currently a official announcement from Microsoft regarding this release, therefore I recommend you use caution.

Don’t you want to miss the game? Will you join him in case he’s gone missing?

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