These games are going to take place in the new week KW 33/2022

For the next week, numerous new games are going to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Please click on our map to find out what to expect. Little League Baseball 2022 (Xbox Series X|S Optimized / Smart Delivery) August 16, 2022 Little League Baseball 2022 Pre-order for a reduced [] price.

There are many new games to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in the coming week. On our overview, you can find out exactly what you’ll expect from our website.

Little League Baseball 2022 (XBox Series X|S Optimized / Smart Delivery) August 16 2022.

  • Buy Little League Baseball 2022 for the reduced EUR three9.99 at the Microsoft Store. (Rarreserve: 47.99 o’clock)

Midgard Tribes (Optimised for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery) August 16, 2022.

  • Native Americans order for ninety dollars in the Microsoft Store.

How of the man (Xboxes X|S Optimized) August 16, 2022 22nd, 2022, 2022, 2022, 2022.

  • the hunter pre-orders for 39.99 dollars in the Microsoft Store.

Droid Trivia August 17, 2022

  • Droid trivia is the same as buying from the Microsoft Store.

Dyna-Bomb 2 August 17, 2022

  • Don’t buy Dyna Bomb 2 Pre-orders for an extra 17,99 euros in the Microsoft Store. (Regular price: 19,99 dollars)

Robo re-employees August 17, 2022.

  • Order the Robo Revenge Squad for the Microsoft Store for 19 cents.

Smash Boats Waterlogged Edition August 17, 2022.

  • Smash Boats Waterlogged Edition Buy from the Microsoft store.

Chameneon August 18, 2022

  • Chameneon buy from the Microsoft store.

Cursed to Golf (Optimized for Xbox X|S) August 18, 2022 2022

  • Buy from the Microsoft store for golf.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands August 18, 2022.

  • The Campfire: Forsaken Lands Buy $7.99 in the Microsoft Store.

The chinese is 18 August 2022.

  • tile sweeper order a total of 7.49 dollars in the Microsoft store.

Arenas of Tanks (Optimized for Xbox One X|S / Smart Delivery) August 19, 2022

  • Arenas of tanks buy from the Microsoft Store.

The Tale of Paper: Refolded (Xbox Series X|S Optimized) August 19, 2022: Refolded (Xbox Series X|S Optimized).

  • A newspaper story: Copyright. Buy from the Microsoft Store.

Madden NFL 23 (SXXM) August 19-22 2022 (Suppressed) New York 19-22

Go ahead and get Madden NFL 23 from Microsoft.

  • Madden NFL 23, Xbox One, 65,99 dollars
  • Madden NFL 23 Xbox X|S 79.99 dollars.
  • Madden NFL 23 All Madden Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S 99,99 dollar.

Rattyvity Laboratory – Operationalized for Xbox One X (VIN) August 19, 2022.

  • Rattyvity Lab can buy from the Microsoft Store.

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