This hotel is really beautiful! They have great views over a city of Yakuza

Prisoner is available, interrogation is not and crime lord is.

Prison cell, interrogation room and crime crime office are all available.

The Ajito hotel in Yolomi, is called the love hotel of the Japanese language. It rents for a less expensive price, but also for a shorter time, for couples who like to express their affection for one another in a non-verbal manner.

Some like hotel rooms look more or less like standard hotel rooms (although one has huge beds and a bathtub) but many times they have a theme for couples who enjoy fantasy in their consenting adult activities. In fact, with the new addition of a tower of rooms, the theme of the classic ninkyo, meaning chivalrous, you may think, that the rooms are decorated like a medieval castle or a samurai lord. Despite being familiar with Tokyo’s organized crime networks, in the name of Ninkyo, the culture is more and more different than that yakuza genre.

There are eight rooms in the second floor of the hotel. The most dramatic is the jail room on the wall pictured above, with a crate of iron bars – this hotel boasts of a wall of original iron bars.

Even if you want to be a gangster who is still there, the Ninkyo hotel has multiple rooms which serve as offices of the fictional Yakuza clans.

Or, if you feel like alive when you are teetering against the dizzy precipice of freedom and incarceration, there’s a police station with questioning areas, as well.

If you are a law-abiding non-linguist and still finds the word ninkyo familiar sounding, it might be because you remember the Ninkyo cafe, the eatery that opened in Nagoya last year. Unfortunately the cafe has now shut down, but the Ninkyo Hotel room was made with the help of a virtual YouTuber who takes on his own life and helps to create the Ninkyo Cafe.

We should note that while Ajito is a big majority of people would call it a love hotel, management prefers its term leisure hotel, which says its rooms may also serve as a venue for parties with friends, an evening out for girls, business meetings, photo shoots and even video viewing party for fans of the same idol singer or anime character. Since a few people have already gone to a hotel and checked in, no room is available for a dinner and meal.

Hotel information Ajito 450 Gotemba 2 / HOTEL 450 2 p.m. Adresse: Shizuoka-ken, Gotemba-shi, Shibanta 962. 962 Website

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