This phone got the update for the Android 14

ANDROID August 14, 2022 at the 20th of July 2022, Android 14 will not be released until next year, but there are already some phones that will definitely get the update. It is easy to determine if your smartphone is one of them. Which mobile phones are running Android 14? Well tell me. The development of Android 13 is underway.


August 14, 2022 at 20 o’clock.

Android 14 won’t be released until next year, but already there’s some mobile phone that will definitely get the update. Here you can tell whether your smartphone is one of those.

What phone will be upgraded to Android 14? Well tell him.

Android 13 is running. The new mobile OS needs to be delivered in a second time to the first smartphone and tablet. Google is also likely to start developing Android 14 soon.

  • Which phones will receive the update to Android 14?

  • Xiaomi

  • Google

  • Samsung

  • There’s rumours that an egg is hailed upside’s pie. Despite the innovations that have been known yet, nothing has happened in all.

    Even though Android 14 has already passed more than one year, there are still some providers who promise that certain smartphones will receive an update.

    Which smartphones are going to receive the update to Android 14?

    We’ve collected the models that you already know if you have an Android 14 update.


    According to that Security Center von Xiaomi, the following smartphones are due for the update to the next, but one version of the Android app.


    Google doesn’t name any specific update plans for its Pixel mobile phones, but it states only about how long they’re going to be provided with updates. Since then, the following devices should be updated to Android 14 by 2025.


    Samsung guarantees four major Android updates for certain devices. There’s no doubt that the following model will update Android 14 soon.

    As soon as it is known more details about Android 14 and other suppliers publish updates of their smartphones that are eligible for adoption, we will update the article in fact.

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    • Which smartphones will receive Android 14 update?
      • Xiaomi
      • Google
      • Samsung