THQ Digital Showcase 2022 – the summary of the announcements

The Austrian publisher held its online conference this Friday – the day it showed more than 15 games. Of that eight were caught our attention as they came to the Xbox console. Many games have been announced for the first time. Others are new, but they're already known. In the past few images were apparently leaked earlier in []

The publisher of Austria held its online conference this Friday, in which it showed more than fifteen games. These eight are due to their arrival in the console. Some games were first announced and others later received new pictures, but they were known already.

One-on-one image emerged unfortunately earlier in the day. But we didn’t get mad when we discovered the first trailer for this 1992 classic. It was produced by Pieces Interactive and that title will go back to Derceto Manor in the company of Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby similar to these two swarming monsters. Come read the dedicated article as a little more.

When you watch this sequel, you’ll enjoy yourself in this sequel. After we discovered the co-op mode, we now learn to play a separate world race. These power-hungry brutes would like their piece of pie, and Crypto must defend his prey against the earth with guns blazing. At the same time, progresses in the game under the control of a flying saucer will be expected for us.

This trailer takes us deep into the mud of the earth. An ancient menace lurks at the bottom of the endless lurch of caves. Just a few unfortunate workers are caught up in the chaos. Alkimia Interactive will be revived Gothic, an RPG classic soon. The project had to undergo a test of the original game, which THQ had proposed for 2020, but appears to progress well. There hasn’t yet been a window for the release yet.

These graphics are packed with rhythm and create excitement for this sequel. Exploration and action are the basis of this new adventure, where well have lots of time to play with the blaster and the energy shield to destroy robots. On the movement side, the map will be covered on an entirely different side with a wingsuit that has been integrated into the suit. In addition, this particularity gives you the title of legend and the name Aurukai among the natives The Orcs of Saruman? We don’t have any ties, you’re only going to do that.

Xbox One TBA, title of X|S, xbox 1 beta.

Get the little blackness in your mouth. The new play features fast racing on physics-defying tracks and lots of crumpled sheet metal! Three Fields Entertainment, well known for the driving danger, isn’t on the first try. But this time, you can build your own racetracks and even add new obstacles while you are racing.

way of the hunter Xbox Series X|S August 16, 2022

With that game, THQ enters the hunting area of other publishers. The title comes from Nine Rocks Studio, which is a new competitor for the Hunter: Call of the Wild, or hunting simulator 2. The young boy with whom this is the first project has got quite a lot to do to stand out. We should not wait long to find out where it’s located. Where’s the hunter’s going to be? The hunt is expected to be released on August 16, 2022 on Xbox X|S, and also on PS5 and PC.

AEW: Battle forever Xbox One series X|S, Xbox One TBA, etc.

Special moves, use of items, taunts, the entire ring is for the entire group of fighters. We are even taking a look at the career mode. Will AEW get the best price for Videogames like television? Answer quickly.

The most famous sponge in the ocean will be back in action soon. This new adventure will take Bob and Patrick Etoile through time and space to find themselves in, among other things, the early or even the point of the conquest of the West The game will alternate between platforming phases in different gigantic environments and action sequences against any kind of opponents known or unknown.