Two Deadliest Ironman Villas Of All Time (RANKED)

Iron Man is one of the most important and relevant superheroes of all time. One Tony Stark star ego has attracted fans since his debut because of his unique personality and his particular style of duty. Iron Man villains are one of the hardest to defeat. This article is going to be posted on this page. There are 15 deadliest Ironman Villains of all time (RANKED) Read More

Iron Man is one of the most important and relevant superheroes of all time. Tony Stark’s superheroic alter ego attracts fans since his debut due to his unique personality and his particular approach to duties. Iron Man’s villains have been some of the hardest to defeat.

This article will become the list of the 15 deadliest Ironman villains as seen in comic books. Their ranking is from the fifteenth to the thirteenth, and gives you a comprehensive summary of Iron Mans power. In all likelihood, you’ll know much about these characters and why we ordered them as we have.

15 Deadliest Iron Man Villains.

Alias: Paul Pierre DuvalDebut: The story of a murder (August 58th)

Paul Pierre Duval was a chemist assistant in Paris, as he was unhappy with his hierarchical position. One day he accidentally spilled a liquid on his hand, bringing the liquid with him to the power of temporarily turning something into stone, if he touches it with his bare palm.

Paul Duval decides to become a supervillain. He covered his whole body with the petrifying palm of his hand, eliciting a rocky statue, which he once found in an even erosion of nature. The disguise makes him seem more like a gargoyle. He become the ghoult.


Alias: Gary GilbertDebut: Iron Man No 27 (July 1970)

Since he was originally from Detroit, former union member Gary Gilbert was outfitted by Justin Hammer and set out to revoke his reputation as a Firebrand. At the end of his career, Gilbert accidentally killed his father, won the Black Lamas’s White of Villains, and eventually went into alcoholism.

He quit politics and worked only for hire, when he needed a job, so he stopped dancing.

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Alias: Gregor ShapankaDebut: The Theorie of Suspense #45 (September 1963).

The Blizzard costume was created by Gregor Shapanka, a uninamed scientist who’s dedicated to immortality who decides cryogenics have to be his first goal. He began working at Stark Industries, but after being fired by Stark, he created a suit that was faked by the newspapers and nicknamed Jack Frost.

Several years later, he escapes prison and attacks the Stark industrial complex of Long Island, in a new, stronger, and colder suit called “Blizzard” – but again was captured by Iron Man.

Alias: Anton VankoDebut, Revelations of The Moon (October 1963)

The Crimson Dynamo is one of many supervillains from the Marvel Universe. The first Dynamo to represent Crimson in the upcoming series Tales of Suspense#46 was seen in October 1963. These characters were notably a permanent villain of the superhero Iron Man.

The first was Anton Vanko, the Russian scientist who invented a protective armor. The USSR sent him to combat Iron Man, but when Stark made him believe that the Communists wanted to eliminate him after completing his mission, Vanko fled and became an employee of Stark.

This very latest armor is heavy and armored, so it can keep in close contact with conventional weapons. He moves instantly to any metallic object.

It doesn’t fly however, unlike other armors. That powerhouse is armed with lasers and force generators and can get an electromagnetic pulse of about 30 km. This armor has a power to activate, fight and move autonomously towards a given signal, just like a combat robot.

(September 1965), David (Brown Boris Bogydebut).

Boris Bullski is a Russian scholar from Makiivka, Ukraine and a former KGB-er, who is now a former pro-wife. As an army of prisoners working in Siberia with the colonial scientists, he created a combat armor with titanium capable of beating the American heroine Iron Man — with a propaganda purpose of the Communist party.

The Titanium Man armor was designed by copying the ideas of the American industrialist Tony Stark (Iron Man) but it isn’t very heavy and lack of mobility. With the weapons on, Bullski publicly confronts Iron Man defending its superiority, but the hero wins the fight.

Later, Bullski undergoes double his size and gets even more powerful armor. Yet Iron Man is a victory over him repeatedly this time in Washington. During his flight, he discovered that the Communist regime abandoned him.

Alias: Luchino NefariaDebut: The Avengers #13 (february 1965)

Luchino Nefaria is a wealthy Italian aristocrat who was associated with the Maggia. The Avengers, then newly formed, thwarted his plan. To be revenged, he tried to kill Iron Man, but was beaten by the X-Men.

The mutant Thunderbird jumped on the plane and then explode and died, he seemed dead on the spot. Nefaria escaped death by shortness and was severely wounded. After losing almost all his fortune, the Count hired the Living Laser and Whirlwind to form the second Lethal Legion.

The Legion looted a number of banks, and Nefaria used her share to employ Zemos lab assistants and develop an experiment to make her a superman. After a long battle with the Avengers, Nefaria finally won. Nefaria was kept in disrepair by the Avengers.

That latter discovered his powers made him immortal but vulnerable as his body reconstituted itself. The missiles struck the ship Nefaria as it shook the road.

Alias: Ezekiel Zeke StaneDebut: Order no 8 (April 2008).

Ezekiel Zeke Stane is a fictional character of Marvel Comics and an antagonist of Iron Man. Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson created the character and he came first into The Order #8 in April 2008.

In the comic book series The Order, Ezekiel Stane is a character who manipulates the other villains to destroy the superheroes The Order group that are part of the Iron Man Project. Ezekiel wants to stop the death of his father obadiah Stane, which he claims as a cause of the death of Tony Stark.

He turns into Iron Man in The Order No.10. He uses biotechnology to develop armor. He may soon face Iron Man.

Fang Foom A tom Fang.

Alias: NothingDown: Strange Tales No.89 (October 1961)

Fin Fang Foom is a supervillain who appears in Marvel’s books. The fictional character appeared in Strange Tales no. 89 in October 1961 in the novel, created by Stan Lee and the artist Jack Kirby.

Fin Fang Foom is a dragonlike alien from Maklu IV in the Big Magellan Cloud. He was a member of the crew of landowners who conquered different habitable planets. The dragon beings landed in ancient China and used their transfiguration power to hide under the population and study them closely.

For their strength, Foom is designated to be in stasis, thanks to a special herb. We know he was awakened once, in the 7th century before going back to bed. In this case, he could have faced the god Thor.

This character is an old-fashioned homage to the Marvel universe. His character became secondary character with the adventures of the man who is Iron Man.


Alias: Man of the War: 53 (juin 2002)

Temugin was handed over to the Himalayan monastery by his father, the Mandarin. Convinced that the monks would educate the boy in body and spirit, the Mandarin cut all ties of communication with his son.

Temugin continued his studies with vigor and passion, letting away the anger he was showing up for in the misdemeanor he abandoned his father. The monks learned from martial arts training and spirit guidance that the most powerful steel weapon is nothing other than the blade that can handle it.

How Man: Enter the Mandarin miniseries revealed that he returned to the monastery for the first time in a row to recruit Temugin.

Temugin was able to kill Tony Stark, and hit him in the chest, and discover the dead side of Iron Man, and then realized that the dead side of the war was actually Iron Man. Stark escaped from the elevator shaft and detonated his briefcase armor with his insurgents. Temugin survived and escaped.


as: NoneDisk: Suspense No 77 (1951).

Ultimo is a gigantic robot of extraterrestrial origin, which crashed in China in the 19th century. The man discovered the phenomenon in a volcano by the Mandarin, in the Valley of the Spirits. The latter succeeds in reactivating the robot and making him a servant under the name of lukewarm.

He’s been accused of being the creator of all the world, and he put on the fight against the Chinese military. Iron Man intervened, but it was revealed that the powers of this creature blew into the air. However, he fails to trap it and get it back into the crater of the volcano.

Later, the Mandarin had his body extracted again. He confronted the crater and sent him back to the crater, that he collapsed using a shout of a thunderstorm. The Mandarin returned the robot to China. Iron Man and the sunfire buried him again.


Alias: UnknownDebut: Iron Man 73 (January 1971)

The first Spymaster, founded in 1868 by Tony Stark, is a boxer and an independent and costumed criminal, who heads an elite spy network hired by the Zodiac, a criminal organization, to steal the projects of Stark Industries.

Golden Avenger escaped, but hid the crime from the Long Island factory. Soon after, he was again hired by the Zodiac to evade Daredevil, where he failed. He joined a few members of the Zodiac (including Capricorn and Sagittarius) to steal the mysterious Zodiac Key that Stark was studying in the factory for S.H.I.E.L.D.

The mission failed and he was able to escape. After a few years of pure discretion, he was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who wanted to disintegrate Stark, without the agreement of Nick Fury.

The bomb in Tony Starks’s apartment explodes, but a mere Ani-Men were killed. He then infiltrated Stark Industries and tried to steal the mainframe. But, ironman took him. He was part of an eight-month-old woman’s team to kill Ironman.

Alias: Giulietta Nefera / Whitney FrostDebut: Tales of the Suspenses #98 (February 1968) (April 1968)

Madame Masque, who is real name of the movie director Whitney Frost, is fictional and a frequent antagonist of Iron Man in the fantasy universe. She was created in 1967 by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in The Tales of Suspense #98. The identity of Marie Masque appeared first in Iron Man number 17 in September 1969.

Madame Masque was born under the name Giulietta Nefaria, as daughter of the fictitious criminal, Luchino Nefaria. Her father wants his daughter to have a respectable life so he adopted her as an assistant of Nefaria and a founder of her own company, Whitney Frost.

Soon she became a mistress. She escaped by plane but it crashed. Whitney was ill in the accident, and her savior, Mordecai Midas, gave her a golden mask to hide the scar. She adopted the nickname of Madame Masque at the moment.

It began as a long conflict between hate and love.

Alias: no; Iron Man #120 (March 1979)

Justin Hammer was born in England but was a Monaco citizen. Justin Hammer was the head of an extremely powerful industrial firm with a firm competing with Stark International. His company was the leader in arms manufacturing.

He was a gifted inventor and developed a powerful microphone that would make an army explosive and steal the Golden Avengers armor and assassinate a diplomat. Iron Man showed his innocence and made Hammer a nemesis. Aiming to kill an expert by virtue of the fame of stark, Hammer spent some money to kill the Iron Man, by multiple means: sabotage, kidnapping, etc.

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With his money and his inventiveness, he has developed a strong number of supervillains: Blacklash, Blizzard, Melter, Man-Killer, Porcupine, Beetle, Constrictor, Spymaster, Blue Streak and others.

Amid the armor war, Justin Hammer hired the Spymaster to steal the blueprints of Iron Man’s armor and sell them to super-criminals like the Mauler, the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man.

The Scorpion had a new tail for Justin Hammer, but the latter had left his company, refusing to work for him. He put on a new costume later for the Rhino.

Alias: IronmanDebut: Iron Man #163 (Oktober 1982)

Obadiah Stane, alias Iron Monger, is a supervillain from the Marvels universe, and a regular enemy of the superheroes Iron Man. This fictional character was first shown in the Iron Man comic book #163 in October 1982.

The character is initially known to be a businessman, a recurring rival of billionaire industrialist Tony Stark (iron Man). Iron Man #200, November 1985, appears in that armor.

Obadiah Stane was, in his childhood, a brutal and a talented psychological man. Through his weaknesses he was able to defeat him. Stane was also shocked as he saw his father shoot himself in the head during Russian roulette.

As a child, Stane became a wealthy businessman and arms dealer, with a large company called Stane International, working together with the industrialist Howard Stark, the director of Stark International.


The auntydy: A Tale of the Asito-Nord: No.50 (February 1964)

The Mandarin is a supervillain appearing in Marvel’s stories in order to be known as the boss of Iron Man, and, subsequently, Shang-Chi. The fictional character was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck in the comic book Tales of the Miserable 50 in February 1964.

Mandarin is described as a savant scientist and a highly gifted martial artist. However, he’s most powerful energy source: ten power cycles which he uses from a crashed spacecraft to make the most of his power. Every ring has different power, and is shaped on a specific finger.