We’re half a year old after the beta-catastrophe. It’s a bit unusual for us

There is something new. After the first beta in January revealed what had changed in the development game after a long break from running run, a period of silence immediately was heralded. This time, it was obvious. The beta of The Settlers was a massive catastrophe. Then [horrible].

One thing else. The settlers are new. Since the first beta of the game in January revealed what had been changed in the development game after a long period of incomplete blackout, a silence was immediately held.

And so the reason has emerged. The game Star Wars had no exaggeration. Because, since we didn’t only draw an allusion into GameStar, the testimonies were extremely disappointed in their new direction.

There was no surprise that Ubisoft was able to watch this, the publisher postponed the strategy game indefinitely. This hasn’t gone unnoticed since then. That is the first time that the development team has achieved has been discussed in a new blog post about the currently active testing server.

The Settlers (2022) Watch video shot.

That is what this new post about.

As early as May, the Ubisoft Dusseldorf team announced a test server would be installed for a group of people that were closed. The Settlers is always in the running, so players are able to get feedback. According to the report, over 1,000 players have already already accessed this server and more than 500 are planned soon.

According to the post, since the test server was launched, there have been 3 major updates. It is believed that it will have implemented many modifications, usually because tester feedback follows. There are a couple of modifications.

  • The economy is changing.
  • Combat systems have been redesigned.
  • In skirmish maps, there was better rapidity.
  • The maps have already been added.
  • There’ve been some new tutorials.
  • The price of buildings has been adjusted.
  • There are changes in the production chains.
  • Maps, settlements and units have been clearly improved.
  • Each map has special places which should give the map their own identifier.
  • A lobby for playing against friends has been built.
  • There’s now a single player saved switch.
  • The interface was improved.
  • You can now customize keyboard shortcuts by yourself.
  • Game balance, AI and bugs will continue to change.

The plan is to collect more feedback in the future and to invite more people to test. How long the team plans to develop in this way remains unknown.

What does that mean to The Settlers?

The Settlers were surprisingly conceptually immature in January’s playable beta. It was supposed to be an RTS, but it wasn’t intended for long-term challenges, and despite all that it was too slow to boring. But there is more criticism. It was real fun that many fans were waiting for The Settlers to again be a real development game where the focus is on building your own settlement.


The Settlers of Maurice is angry at the big surprise released by Ubisoft.

This was a plan to be done to the new settler, but it wasn’t as well planned, at all, since the series inventor Volker Wertich was still involved. However, he went the project at some point between the postponement in summer 2020 and the re-anouncement in January 2022. In this period, Siedler gotten a new coat of paint and was more RTS than a building game.

The way he plans on resurrecting follows the current development priorities. So Ubisoft looks enlightened to make The Settlers a RTS. Another criticism was that there were no cards in a pool without random elements. The maps remain no-randomly generated. The team also optimizes the current version and doesn’t throw the whole concept overboard again.

What do you like about the new year? Are you optimistic or have you given up all your hopes?