What Lawyer’s Special Duty? How much does it cost?

In case of the great lawyer, he is going to be finished. This is what you can expect from the final!

A Kdrama made it a Kdrama that didn’t only love our hearts but also gave us something very beautiful that was not easy to re-elect and to let go of. We saw a show with the same looks as the actual trends and a similar one in one way. The show is released in the same month as several ongoing legal dramas breaking viewership rating records, and it will surely turn out to be a big competition.

However, with the dark-themed legal dramas unto the point, the Deputy Attorney Woo focused on providing a healer for the plot. The Korean drama, written by Yoo In-shik, stars Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Baek Ji-won, and many other actors.

The show has released 14 episodes from 16 so far that it’s slowly coming to an end. When the whale couple broke up, Woo Young-woo saw how difficult it was for Lee Jun-ho to become. She was to that conclusion because she heard her sisters’ words and talked to the Jung-Mothers-seoks wife.

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While it was a sad moment for them, we hope they could face this soon. Jung Myeong-seoks words to Lee Jun-ho may not be a hint that they’ll get together in the end. However, the last episode also found out that this was not the only problem in the Young-woos world.

It’s soon being revealed that she is a naive child of Tae Soo-mi, which is a good joking addition to his troubles. On episode 15, things usually going downhill, while on episode 16 the fixes will be the problem.

Episode 16 will be the last show, and there’s a lot that could happen, but simply, we hope the whale couple and other characters, as well, can get on as far as we can. Maybe the reason why Jung Myeong-seoks wife entered last weeks episode was to give him an happy ending. And Choi Su-yeon could actually end up with Hwan Min-woo.

The last episode will tying up many broken relationships and end up being enjoyable.

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When is the infamous saga 16?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be out on August 18, 2022 on Netflix. The show gave fans a wonderful journey, which is going to end with this episode.

This film is about to be released without an end. But how do you think that show will stop?

How did you find it so far?

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