You love the Princess movies, here are some like these movies! Princess Diana’s life is famous

If you loved the HBO documentary Princess, you may even enjoy them.

The Princess took off on the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Her real and scary portrayal of the importance of media in breaking and making the princess a very influential lifeline. That documentary film is produced by Lightbox in conjunction with SKY, the Academy Award winning Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn.

The Princess, an almost two-hour docu-film, relies on archival video recordings, and interviews of the princess and the royal family for the tale that reaches the audience with chill chills. From Diana’s engagement to Princess Charles and her accidental death in Paris are still the sources of conspiracy theories, and that documentary film covers Diana’s entire royal life.

However, the TV series for HBO isn’t all right. There have been many film and documentaries dedicated to Princess Diana. Here’s a list of five movies and documentaries that are built on the lives of the queen of Wales.

The Princess Poster has a Princess Poster.

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5 movies like HBO: The Princess to Watch Now!

Mark (2021)

The film was written by Pablo Larrain and is made up of prose for Steven Knight. It was a psychosocial thriller that redefined Kristen Stewart as the greatest actor of any time. Stewart was awarded Best Actress for his role in this movie.

The film follows the story of Diana when her marriage to Prince Charles has long gone cold. We see change for the better, but the worse for the royal family. You can watch that movie here.

Diana By her Own Words (2018).

This docu-film is unlike any other one in the world, which is for Tom Jennings from 1895 Films. The film featured Diana discussing many aspects of his personal life, including her marriage to Prince Charles, and other controversial matters in the royal household. It’s a collection of archival footage and photography as well as rare recordings.

Diana 7 days (2017).

This documentary, produced by Henry Singer by William and Harry, commemorates the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death. It revolves around the death of the Princess of Wales and the subsequent funeral that was attended, and how it affected those closest to her and the grieving world beyond the palace door.

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The Queen, (2006).

Not everything is from one perspective, right? Now Stephen Frears is trying to answer a different question about the same incident we have all been wondering about- the Death of Princess Diana. The biographical drama describes the way the royal family dealt with the death of a man.

That film was written by Peter Morgan and starred Helen Mirren in the titular role of the Queen Elizabeth II. You can watch it here.

Diana (2013).

We understand that not everyone is fans of this Naomi Watts, yet this movie has become a guilty pleasure for so many people out there. The biographical drama is inspired by Oliver Hirschbiegel and is the story of two years of the life of Diana, the Princess of Wales. The screenplay was from Kate Snells 2001 book: Diana: Her Last Love and was made up by Stephen Jeffreys for the big screen. You can watch this movie here.

To read the recently released documentary, click here.

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