Fallout vs. Bethesda game

If the Fallout series does have its share of loyalties, count on strictly taking care of what's been done. The prime video show will definitely take liberties. What should you expect from the Fallout series? Well find the basic mechanics, but from a screenplay perspective, so don't expect a very difficult, pure and hard adaptation of one or one of these.

If the Fallout series has its share of loyalties, not count on the strict respect of the actions done. The Prime Video show will certainly take liberties.

What are the plans for the Fallout movie? You can probably find out if you have a chance not to play the game.

In this series, the show will tell an original story.

The Show’s Final Game will very different from the Bethesdas series. The makers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (western world), as well as executive producer Todd Howard and Bethesda, will start almost from scratch.

In a Lex Fridman podcast, Todd Howard said the Prime Video Show will tell an original story. With nods to the games, this isn’t the only way to repeat the games. Starting now, newcomers can jump on the moving train without losing their wallet.

We’ve chosen to tell a story that fits the world we’ve built, that does not break any rules of the universe, and could refer to elements from the games, but which isn’t a repeat of the latter. It’s a plot of the same nature, and gives it all its unique nature. Even people who haven’t played the games and still don’t know how cool Fallout is, can watch that series.

The first images truly have revealed a faithful series of sets, images, etc, but will be able to be successful in a way that does not have to change. While we await a trailer that may take some time, a official photo from the Fallout series has been released.