G Data Virus: Add exceptions This is how it works

How do I do everything I can in place of what they do in the past? December 09, 2022 at 10:00 on December 09, Are you a prognostic? You can find out how to add exceptions to your rule here. By clicking on Exceptions to remove certain drives, folders and files, you can't turn those drives or folders down.


December 04, 2022 2:00.

If you want to protect the Internet from the malware, you have trouble getting it out of the way. You can understand how easy you add exceptions here.

By clicking the Exceptions button you can exclude some drives, folders and files from the scanning process of G Data Antivirus, which in some cases significantly speeds up the virus detection. This also stops the software from blocking information that cannot be blocked at all.

Add one exception to G Data Antivirus.

  • 1

    Opens G Data Antivirus user menu on the PC/Gyptian icon or Explorer. Click the button “Exceptions”.

  • 2

    Now click on the new button, which is located in the Exceptions tabs, if you require a manual check on the computer window. You decide which content are you want to exclude from the scanning of the G Data Antivirus scanner, which can include directory, drive, etc.

  • 3

    The next step is to select a drive or a folder. To do that, enter the correct file name into the field with your input mask. You can work as a placeholder here, where? as all single and * characters and string. A rule allows for a permanent exception as soon as you do.

  • 4

    You can repeat this with other files the same way you like. Once in a while you can do this, start at the beginning of this guide.

  • The virus will not detect everything that you add in such a way that it is possible to scan. If you want to protect your computer to the best of its possible future, you can still do that with G Data Total Security. In the test report linked you’ll find all the relevant information about the complete security solution.

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