Gundam is released today on Xbox One

In his case Gundam Evolution Gameplay Director, Ryota Hogaki has some deep insight into this exciting new free-to-play hero shooter. Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play 6v6 hero shooter. It's focused on action-oriented fast-paced action on Xbox One and PC Series X|S! You have control, and shoot down different kinds of mecha or mobile suits across the [[] border.

The Gundam Evolution Gameplay director Ryota Hogaki shares some behind-the-scenes insights into this exciting new free-to-play shooter.

Gundam Evolution is a swaggerless, self-sufficient shooter focused on fast-paced, objective-based action games today, on Xbox One and Xbox One.

You manage a variety of mecha or mobile suits from around the Mobile Suit Gundam universe and shoot them to become the winning team. With their place in space and on Earth, pilots can set ambitious goals, plant explosives and use their vast arsenals to defeat.

To learn more about the development of the game, we sat down with Ryota Hogaki, Director of Gundam Evolution, to discuss how it turned out, its development, the motivation behind its boost system, and more.

Hero shooters introduce many conceptes, such as: B. the G-maneuver, which does not define in the anime. What are the challenges with which to develop mobile suits for a shooter?

In this video game there are many unique mobile suits. Such as those with shields, those with flying abilities, those with high-intensity shots, snipers, etc. In FPS games, there are some basic steps to balance, for example involving B. so that snipers can eat highly maneuverable mobile sex suits harder than they can. The balance in FPS is natural, and has been maintained, too.

This is because of the idea that we designed the game so that people unfamiliar with Gundam are able to play it easily if they like this genre and people who have never tried this genre but want to try it, because they like Gundam they have a simple choice. We want to create scenes that fans would love to see the original story but we also want to include the necessary, interesting and well balanced elements into an FPS game. We always get over the difference between them.

The boost system makes Gundam Evolution unique in the genre. What was inspiration for the Boost system?

The game is for expansion in the quest to defeat enemies using various technologies, the techniques and the techniques that make the suits the most attractive for all. We spent a lot of time studying Boost and repeating the prototyping process. We tried to bring back the feeling of controlling huge mobile suits but also wanted to create an approachable game that was widely used in FPS, so we needed a level of comfort without disappointing those who expected the experience Original mobile suit pilots.

The unique benefit of Gundam Evolution is its intuitive control experience. The ability to learn multiple ways in each unit is an important factor when it comes to your progress and learning. If you feel your movement slows and your controls sluggish, try to put on any further steps, dashes and accelerates. I’m very flexible in life. So if you’re comfortable with the device, pick a portable suit that’s easily applied.

Do you have a mobile application to add to the list for us?

I agree that the Atomic Gundam, shown in the gallery above, is going to be applied from the new season. That’s the first mobile suit, that has been piloted by Amuro, with fin-tracking. It’s very popular that the world’s largest nuclear plant was built this year in Fukuoka.

Could you explain the design behind Nu Gundam and his role as a team?

It’s a professional markman with experience that is very successful in medium range. Its primary weapon, the Beam Rifle, is high in damage capacity, and through its FNP and New Hyper Bazooka attacks, it is very powerful and can defeat enemies. But to compensate this, she has a mobile suit set up for the foreseeable future, it’s a bit hard to use against defence-held enemy enemies.

Tell us about the new map, please. What is the unique challenge for the players on this map?

The new map, Colony Trading Post occurs in a space colony, a characteristic setting of the Gundam Works. It’s an undetected map set in a city colony, with many different gimmicks such as vertical obstacles and conveyor belts. These dynamic obstacles change the tone of fire, allowing you to be attacked from unexpected locations.

Gundam Evolution has a lot of options for personalizing your mobile suit, gamer profile and more. What additional customization will we take in the future?

The fans expect this because we’re adding a variety of items, but unlike the original works, we will also include other customization items that weren’t used in the games before, as well as customizing them to the Gundam audience.

Q: Does the player have any advice? What would be the gundam evolution community?

A: The game is intended to be easy to play for those who like Gundam and those who don’t know the rules, but also the ones who want to be friends with teamworkers. Besides, there are no more different roles, so it’s easy to use the mobile apps you like and want to use. We also have Mobile Suits, which are easily used even those that are new to FPS games, so don’t hesitate to play with us.

Gundam Evolution is playing today for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You can download it for free here on the Xbox Store today.

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The new season of MOBIUS takes a new addition to the popular gundam collection! Do this with the finning like Amuro and aim for team wins! There are several fan-favorite items in addition to the mobile-suit Gundam: Chars Counterattack. A new CargoBay, a new MAP-Colony, was added and the new items were implemented to add power to GUNDAM EVOLUTION. Fortunately, it is now so a lot easier. GUNDAM EVOLUTION is an online POP title in which players take control of mobile suits from Gundam’s hit anime and compete in six-on-six battles. Moveable action and immersive controls. Switch between mobile suits with their own unique traits and work together to win a game.