How can you import your digital certificate on your iPhone, so that you can do your Treasury Paperwork from anywhere?

If you want to take care of any administrative formalities in Europe, it's as a town hall or a central government, you must carry out this with the digital certificate. There is no other and everyone should have this certificate installed on his computer, but there's a detail often overlooked: we're [] not a [subject] person.

You’ll have a digital certificate for if you want to carry out administrative formalities with almost any European administration. No matter what the town hall or the central government is, then you must do it by hand. There is no other place, as it isn’t a necessity that everyone should have this certificate installed on their computer, but there’s a detail often overlooked: we can import this digital certificate to your iPhone.

You can give a digital certificate for sale on the Royal Mint website. Any Spanish citizen can request it, but the process can take more days and you have to be on call for a tax office. The end result is a file you can download where you want and yes, then you can use it from iOS.

It’s not just the file, it’s the identification, it is the installation of it.

This certificate file should have a.p12 or pfx extension. Save it in the local directory on your iPhone or iCloud drive and open it from here. And, even if you do that, a similar alert will appear on your iPhone.

If you tap an iPhone, iOS will notify you that the profile has been downloaded. Now you must enter Settings, and the option posted profile will appear just below your Apple ID information.

Tap the option to open the screen where you can install the certificate in reverse, right side of the screen, right.

The iPhone will ask you for a lock, and then you may notice that the profile isn’t signed. Tap on the Install option and enter the password in the certificate file if that’s protected by one (in this case the Treasury should’ve provided you with this password).

Let’s see that the identity certificate was successfully installed.

After you have imported your digital tax certificate onto your iPhone. When you are able to access an administration website, you have the option to enter the certificate, with which the iOS version can help you with this setup.

The advantage you’ve got from importing the digital certificate to the iPhone is that you don’t need a full computer to see all the official information you need at a particular time. Obviously you won’t do an iPhone’s income statement because of the inconveniences of it, but as it becomes clear you will appreciate getting some quick steps from your mobile.

All we’ve explained here can be applied to the iPad, so Apple tablets can be an interesting hybrid that can be used to help you with more complex queries, using a keyboard and a mouse.