How to record the video with background music on our iPhone using the Camera app?

We take a video with our iPhone and the sound of our environment will be captured easily. The one that doesn't capture, at least regularly, is the sound of our own iPhone. When we start recording the playback directly, the pause lands up. This behavior is more than justified, since what [] was this?

When we record a video with our iPhone, it will probably capture the sound of the environment at which we live. My own iPhone doesn’t capture this sound at all. When we start recording the playback direct, the delay stops.

This behavior is more than justified, since we typically want to capture audio from take rather than playback, but in some cases, we need to change. As a result, we have a useful source to record the video with background music on our iPhone.

In a video without film, all you have to do is record and get it done.

We talk about that our iPhone can play the content while recording, so microphones can capture the music and the rest of the sound.

In this context, it’s Not Just Important to adjust the volume of reproduction, just to prevent noisy environments which will interfere with the iPhone’s listening to its own playback. Here are six essential tips for best photos. They are: The other one.

  • After opening the download, we are able to reproduce content.
  • We open our iPhones using a custom software camera.
  • We have a photo option.
  • We hold down the button to start recording a video.
  • Move the button onto the right towards the candidate to block the recording and release it.
  • When we’re finished, we press the central square button to stop the recording.
  • Since the system doesn’t stop playing music when you take photos, starting a video recording from the Photo mode of the Camera app allows us to capture one while reading. In fact, a content that has no power to come from the Music appbecause we can use any third party program to reproduce.

    We can easily record a video, and a soundtrack from iMovie, one can, for example, do it directly on our iPad or iPhone, so it’s a great resource. Whether we want to listen to music from Applesfera or to record a video, we can switch the options.

    In Applesphere | With this app we can see everything on the lock screen with iOS 16. Live activity can always be seen on the lock screen with this app.