If Activision/Blizzard Takeover is blocked, Microsoft will be giving Legal Action to Microsoft

The news was widely shocked when Microsoft announced the announcement of a deal between the 67.8BN and Activision at the start of this year. Although in many respects, whether you were happy or not, the announcement seemed pretty much to suggest that the [six] paperwork in place was [d] [] much more likely.

Microsoft announced its plan for the 67.8BN takeover of Activision/Blizzard around the start of this year, so many were completely shocked at the news. In many respects, whether you’re happy about it or not, the announcement does not seem to suggest that getting the paperwork in place was simply a formality, and sooner or later, Microsoft would become their new owner.

Despite the circumstances that emerged in recent months and the EU investigation of the takeover, the deal was still only going to seem more doubtful to be approved. The question of the emergence of diverse laws most often due to the anti-competition laws (with Microsoft not helping the future of the tidbit, such as the Xbox 360). With this in mind, it seems more likely not to be approved by the UK and the EU both. This is not to mention the fact that the Federal Trade Commission in the United States hasn’t even confirmed either they plan to investigate the deal yet, but already has said (via leaks) they will likely be heavily scrutinising it!

I have no doubt that through the current channels, the Microsoft Activision/Blizzard deal will be approved. Should it be rejected, will it just be a bit bitter? Well, following the report via WCCFTech, yet possibly, internal sources are already claiming Microsoft is prepping its lawyers for the possibility of having to take this to the court.

Microsoft to take Activision/Blizzard deal to a tribunal (if necessary) and reexamine his or her work.

Depending on the situation, the news would be specifically referring to the FTC, where, for the next four to eight weeks, it is likely that the decisions will be made. They seem 99,9% certain that they’re planning to investigate Microsoft Activision/Blizzard takeover. What’s this a problem to me? Yeah, this would probably see the deal dragged out for at least three months, but finally, they could decide not to approve it.

It’s understood that Microsofts investors have started to insist on its merits as being told the deal should be finalised before summer 2023, but it does not mean that the tech giant has a whole lot of trouble for a long time after the decision was made in an easier way.

Even more like mentioned earlier, Microsoft has been slowly accelerating its support here by making clear what impact this may have on the competition. It seems pretty clear that private, Microsoft would like to make many Activision/Blizzard games at least a time exclusive to their own systems, while publically they keep promising its absurd the takeover could be considered anti-competition.

At this point, though, I think all of that is incredible, I can at least promise you something, This deal won’t be concluded by summer 2023! I guess it’s not that important that Microsoft decides to give up on things that, based on this news, doesn’t make it appear likely.

What do you think?