Is Transformers Rise of the Beast A Reboot, A Prequel, or A Sequel?

Transformers fans waited a long time for a trailer for the first trailer that was released on December 1. Having already released that seventh film, it was a juggling of a prequel and a soft one. Is Transformers a Reboot, a Prequel, or a Sequel? Read More

Transformers fans waited for the upcoming trailer and finally it was dropped on December 1. The seventh film of the franchise, following the sixth film, Bumblebee, was somewhere between a prequel and a hard reboot of the first five Michael Bay-directer Transformers movies. So, is Transformers: Rise of the Beasts a reboot, a prequel or a sequel?

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is actually a sequel to 2018’s Bumblebee. This isn’t a reboot. Although once Bumblebee jumbled up facts from the beginning five films of the franchise, one can say that Rise of the Beasts will continue the new trend, as it is being a sequel of a soft-reboot film in the franchise.

The director had much to say about the future of the franchise in a few years ago, when Bumblebee became a big hit in spite of the changes in tone, narrative and overall continuity of the franchise. He’s adamant that there wasn’t a reboot of the film, but it’s all a bit unclear how exactly the films ties up to each other. Maybe Transformers: Rise of Beasts can clearly tell us a lot.

How about Transformers: The Beasts?

After the first trailer went down, we saw that new Transformer factions were already included in the mix. There is clearly evidence suggesting that the movie was based on the Beast Wars storyline, with Autobots, Predacons, Maximals and Terrocons included.

A powerful engine that is awakening, and a power of a kind is used to revolutionize human activity. The art of this type is using the likes of gorillas, falcons, cheetahs and rhinos.

That said, the timeline in the movie will likely have to be different than that in the original Beast Wars storyline. And, where is the plot? What do we know for now?

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Well, the plot is from 1994, when two archaeologists from Brooklyn make up their antiquity, alongside the classic Autobots.

I don’t want to continue in the Beast Wars storyline or make assumptions about the plot for Rise of the Beasts, but I do feel like having at least some clue to what to expect. As it seems, we just could have the universe in the Transformers universe, but it’s time to get a better idea of where Rise of the Beasts fits in.

Is Transformers: Rise of the Beast a remake of a prequel or a sequel?

Michael Bay directed the first five movies in the Transformers franchise. It was awful, but it became less interesting at each sequel, despite the fact that the fifth movie of the movie had flopping. It was not bad, but the thing is that all was seen, all heard, and nobody came to the table. Naturally, people are bored with the same thing again.

So, the producers with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura who at the helm decided to mix it up in 2018 and proceed with a different style of thinking.

Bumblebee officially came out as the Prequel to Michael Bays, and was a hit in a big box office. That being said, it messed up some of the facts that were established in the franchise earlier, including the time of the arrival of the Premier Optimus from the 2000s to the 1980s.

So, we could say that Bumblebee isn’t entirely a reboot, per se, but rather a soft reboot, where the producers essentially get to decide which facts they keep and which they throw aside.

Is Bumblebee Optimus the Primer?

If you ask Di Bonaventura, the reboot is blown away. He shared his thoughts in an interview with SlashFilm: How did you be there for a while?

Reboot, I hate this word all the time, but that’s not an easy term for me. I’ll do a new big Transformers movie. It will be different from what we’ve done earlier.

Which is Transformers making? Will this movie be a sequel, a prequel, or a real reboot?

Well, Rise of the Beasts is a sequel to Bumblebee (2018), set in 1994. While not only does it become a Beast Wars debut on this franchise, it also seems that Rise of the Beasts is also a sequel to the Superbee: an animated series, which features a dazzling story of the franchise. They left from the Unicron still lurking. In this interview, the producer explained: “Also, that’s a lie.”

I’m not a fan of Unicron. It’s too big. It is the biggest and most valuable thing of my own personal. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the series someday. I don’t know that I thought it so well that we listened to this movie.

It is still unclear what that whole means, right? Like Bumblebee and Rise of the Beasts moved away from Michael Bays 5 Transformers movies, but still use them as a reference point. How is that where do we come from?

How could a story be solved and connected to the Transformers franchise?

Last but not least, I thought the quote last from Di Bonaventura in the interview was crucial for understanding where the franchise was going. He said as follows: “We don’t know what we mean,” he said.

I think we learned something about the tone that I think the next big Transformers movie would have. It’s not like were going to copy it, but we learned something. There’s more freedom than I think we originally thought about what we could do.

There’s more freedom than I thought we originally thought about what we could do. That’s all in all. How could this story unravel and connect to Transformers?

It doesn’t matter how quickly you connect. Come remember what was happening to the week of the Lord. The franchise was completely unflinching and everything didn’t work out, so they explained it with time traveling and multiversal events which essentially erased the need to follow a strict timeline of events.

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That could happen to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. One more way or another, where the first five films and then Bumblebee and Rise of the Beasts are very reliant.

This will give the writers freedom to explore new territory freely without worrying about a misinterpretation of previously-established facts (like Bumblebee did), which is why fans call it a soft reboot.

It is possible that this would actually happen and we could get the Transformers franchise to become a multiverse. I say that because of another Transformers film, along with Rise of the Beast, so maybe that film will first become the first to openly explore those new territories.

It’s not officially confirmed, so take it a little bit a bit more salt. What we know is that Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will be set in 1994 as a sequel to Bumblebee. We also introduced the Beast Wars into the franchise.

After the movie adaptation, much better known for its release, the comic book Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hits the big screen on June 9, 2023.