It’s a lot of good the prequel to The Witcher

Seven strangers are battling against an unbeatable empire. The Witcher universe expands with The Witcher: Origin of Blood, a four-part prequel created for Netflix based on periodical times. And even though we won't see Geralt or Yennefer, let alone Ciri, things appear to have shown signs of way. The essential: The Witcher: Origin of Blood is a new commitment.

Seven strangers conquer the unbeatable empire. The Witcher universe expands with the Witcher: Origin of Blood: a four-part prequel created for Netflix in early times. And even though we won’t see Geralt or Yennefer, and not even Ciri, the showing suggests a way.

The key to the book “The Witcher: Origin of Blood” is the new commitment to epic fantasy, with events spanning 1200 years from the novels, the television series and, of course, the video games. Before humans and monsters inhabited the continent, they came to existence. This canvas is interesting for adventure.

The main role of the empire lies in another mountain. This group of people will lead a small, highly diverse group of people who will be willing to stand against the oppressive forces of the Imperial Government which can maintain order and keep the obscene world apart. If one fails to achieve this then one must earn first trust.

The Witcher is a witch. The Great Rule of The Witchers: The Origin of Blood is that the events of the beginning of the king’s day have a tendency to change the history.

An inward, feat of swords and sorcery inspired by the World of Andrzej Sapkowski and the literary classics of magic and swords. Through the explicit action of the Netflix series and a budget and cinematography that are already convincing after what was seen. The best thing is we’ll give this little gift to fans of The Witcher and Fantasy.

The Witcher: The Origin of Blood premieres on Netflix on December 25th. Christmas presents, with four special episodes and, at the same time, a great preview of the second season of The Witcher, the first that will premiere in summer 2023.

There’s good news for fans of the series and Geralt of Rivia, particularly considering that the next batch of episodes will be the last that Henry Cavill will star in.