Japanese ambassador of the 14th generation named Sagami OriginalPhotos

Tochigi-born model asks fans to support their new role.

The Tochigi-born model wants fans to play a new role.

Ambassadorships are, generally speaking, not permanent. No matter how important diplomacy and charisma are some individuals, there’s an understanding that even after a little time, a new ambassador will be called off.

As an organization in Japan, the company that hailed Japan’s biggest condom maker, announced their first promotional ambassador. This is due to the position of a gravure model, Mizuki Takanashi.

(@tkns_mzk) October 9, 2022.

The 24-year-old native of Tochigi Prefecture is appointed the 14th-generation ambassador for Sagami Original (as the company called the company’s condoms) and is now the 15th ambassador, which in 2018 was jointly held by Rina Hashimoto and Tomomi Morisaki.

I will do my best to speak out on the appeal of Sagami Original in the next year, and for your support!

(@tkns_mzk) December 2, 2022

Takanashis double teeth are listed as her charm on her official modeling profile.

(@kns_mzk) November 6, 2022.

(@tkns_mzk) October 8, 2022

(@tkns_mzk) June 16 2022.

Although it is innate, that idea of a condom ambassador isn’t true, Sagami wants a better future of safe sex as a way to encourage people who value each other to expand their love. The company is particularly proud of its ultra-thin polyurethane re-doted polyurethane-free condoms, which weigh 18 microns and are designed to convey body warmth and have no rubbery odor. Similarly, Takanashi announced its first visit on the brand in October to promote the larger-sized Sagami original 0.01, which was just added to the product line in October.

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