Microsoft are ready to challenge FTC in court if they try to stop Activision purchase

Things that were never calming down between Microsoft and regulators trying to get Activision Blizzard from taking over 69 billion dollars. In the meantime, it seems likely the FTC, the American regulatory agency, has been planning to sue Microsoft for having a movement to control a certain part of the industry, create a monopoly in video games, so that all [] of [fTC] will sue us for this purpose, in order to do that.

Things seem to be calming down between Microsoft and the regulatory authority trying to prevent Activision from taking over 69 billion dollars. A new report said that the FTC, the American regulator, is thinking about syncing Microsoft because of its movement, which seeks to control part of the industry, allowing it to create a monopoly in video games, all of this, according to the website.

Apparently, the issue is with Bloomberg. Microsoft is putting its claws in order to sue the FTC if it wins the lawsuit. We know that from a guy like Microsoft and that has great knowledge about what is happening with his lawyers. Now this implies that they see it as very likely they’ll try to stop the purchase, so they are ready to defend the acquisition in court and fight it against. It is where they will surely win.

Microsoft is stuck in an accident, but not in the worst case.

The rules they introduced for Xbox were to offer concessions to regulators and Sony PlayStation, to offer games like Call of Duty for a long time before they became exclusive to Xbox and its services. Considering that, Sony looks like they’re on board. They met with Microsoft executives to discuss the matter, reportedly.

If it had to happen, the deal between Microsoft and Activision would be the biggest move in the history of the videogame industry. This is why many gamers think it is a real threat to the gaming community.

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