The brutal beatem can hit theaters thanks to John Wick’s creator

It was clear that it had to happen and it has. Sifu, a massive ball player created by Sloclap, is likely to adapt to the Big Screen. And this time, the blows won't be animated, since we'll see a cast of flesh and blood actors. That's how they went from Deadline by date.

It became clear that it had to happen and it had. Sifu, the smash hitter created by Sloclap, will adapt to the big screen. And this time, the blows won’t be animated, because we’re looking at actors and actors based on flesh and blood.

This is the way they’ve improved since Deadline, where they say that the project will go to the light of the day under the direction of the Story Kitchen production company. The most interesting thing is that Derek Kolstad is going to be the writer. For those who don’t put this in place, we’re talking about John Wick’s creator who have already seen Keanu Reeves He has the skills to move perfectly with martial arts.

We don’t know when we’ll see this adaptation of one of the best beatem ups of the last few years in theaters, since Kolstad was fully involved in the cuJohn Wick film art. He is also a TV reporter for The Continental. The rise of the title has certainly been meteoric in a very short time.

Sifu It was recognized as one of the most prestigious films of all time in this year’s history, won the game award award 2022. The developer has insisted on more free content on regular basis.