The Hunters Guild: Red Hood, Vol. 1 [Manga] Review: An Interesting Take on Old Fairy Tales

0 An interesting take on the Old Fairy Tale Mangaka: Kawaguchi, Yuuki Publisher : Viz Media Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen Published: Dec 2022 - Present Weve been seeing manga adaptations for ages. This is especially true in fantasy-light novels from Japan. That we rarely see is to be [] simply [often].



An interesting take on the Old Fairy Tale.

  • Mangaka : Kawaguchi, Yuuki.
  • Publisher : Viz Media.
  • The following: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen.
  • New Delhi, 2022, on December 20, 2022, 2022.

We have been noticing the manga adaptations in popular novels for ages. This is especially true for fantasy books that are new to Japan. This rarely is seen as manga-inspired adaptations from other parts of the world. The last well-known manga from that niche category was Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic, who deliberately adapted different Arabic folk tales, and Snow White, the Red Hair, which loosely adapted Snow White’s fairy tale.

Fortunately, there’s a new addition to the rare collection. The Hunters Guild is called Red Hood. As you may imagine, it is very a story of Red Riding Hood. As such, let’s see whether this new manga will be the same quality as its predecessors.

In the world of Red Hood, creatures and creatures from fairy tales, such as giants and werewolves live among humans. Because ghouls like to keep their businesses on hold, werewolves are real threat to them. What makes it even worse is that werewolves can transform into humans, which makes them particularly difficult to locate.

The story begins in a town that lies in the middle of the woods called Kasoka Village. We suffered from multiple deaths here. Now that you don’t live at a happy place, the mayor decides to contact the Hunters Guild, and for a hunter to be sent to his village. A hunter from the Guild is extremely expensive, but only professionals can hunt these bewolves and other rogue non-human creatures.

It doesn’t take a long time to arrive the hunter. The hunter is the little girl named Grimm with a red hood on her back. A local boy named Velou is probably upset and felt ripped off by the Hunting Guild.

However, after seeing Grimm erupt and chucked through the massive werewolves, Velou doesn’t have much of a doubt for her. Grimm invites Velou to join the Hunters Guild and become a hunter like her. So begin their dangerous journey through this dangerous fantasy world.

What should I Read from The Hunters Guild: Red Hood: Why should I read it? viz

Interesting Take in the Old Fairy Tales.

There are three main characters in the original Red Riding Hood story: the red hooded girl, the hunter and the wolf who disguises herself as the girls grandmother. The Hunters Guild: Red Hood somehow manages to weave the essence of the original character and story of Red Riding Hood into the manga, while still presenting a unique story at the same time.

In this manga, the wolf is actually a bunch of wolves. That’s why they make their lives a humane. And they want to attack them. Not only that, but that girl in the red hood is actually the hunter who comes to kill the werewolves. And the plot to the bottom of that page deepened.

So Kawaguchi Yuuki uses a modified version of Red Riding Hood, and then expands the story, so that it can become a proper shounen action/enterprise. Add to that dark, horror atmosphere, new bizarre characters and fascinating world-building, and we are pleasantly surprised to see this familiar fairy tale.

Making World-Building a joy.

The first chapters of the first volume focus heavily on Kasoka Village. And as with the exposition, there is little to no worldbuilding going on at this point. It’s understandable. The aim of any good mangaka is to convince a reader through the first few chapters of the story; it’s that place to decide whether a reader will follow the story or not.

After we pass that first chapter, a new and strange world suddenly opens. A wooden carriage that is pulled by a big crab, a multi-story building built with the clog of a railroad. What is the new thing about this world that can be seen from a view of it when you flip through the pages? It is a fascinating world building, and we can’t wait to see what this world has to offer the next.

Why you should leave the Hunters Guild: Red Hood?

An Affior Demonslayer is a An Inferior Demon Slayer.

The story of the Hunters Guild is about Velou, a boy who had lost his family and all those people who was dear to him because of the supernatural attack – the werewolves in this case. So he decides to become an angel, with the goal of a hunter to dispel human beings – and slash them.

Then move Velou into Tanjirou and werewolves into Demons, and now we can give ourselves the premise of a Demon Slayer. However, unlike Slayer, which manages to entertain us through extraordinary action sequences and heartwarming moments, The Hunters Guild: Red Hood is full of text and the occasional good fighting scene in between. This manga is obvious because of the manga – it’s still clear that it only achieves the same quality as its idol.

Red Riding Hood is an interesting film that is reminiscent of the old red Riding Hood tale. This volume does not only do that, but it’s filled with witty things, and it also has good action sequences in this first volume. Despite the emergence of the character, this manga is clearly an inferior one. So hoping to get away from its famous predecessor and present something that would be unique to the world in later volumes.

Have you read Red Hood: The Hunters Guild? What do you think about it if you did?


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