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The Dark Materials is a collection of books written by Philip Pullman. This trilogy is actually a trilogy, but there are five books that follow the same line of events in the same universe. In that book series, many awards came from the Carnegie Medal in 1995, and the Whitbread Prize. All 8 Her Dark Materials Books Order Read More.

His Dark Materials is a series of books written by Philip Pullman. This trilogy is a trilogy, but there are 5 companion books in the same universe. The book series won numerous awards, such as the Carnegie medal in 1995, and the Whitbread Book of the Year in 2001 in The Amber Spyglass. This fantasy book is classified as adult fiction because of its main character being mostly children, but they were written by Pullman whose target audience was unknown. With this book series, many young people were invented by pullingmans, and it’s not surprising that it was ranked third on the BBC’s Big Read poll in 2003 for the nations best-loved novel of all time.

The Dark Materials tell the tale of Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry as they explore parallel universes. The first book called Northern Lights was adapted into a movie in 2007 named The Golden Compass starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. The movie was unable to start a trilogy due to its poor performance in the theater, but in 2019 BBC and HBO released an adaption that was very book-as-for-the-mill in detail.

How many books do you see his dark material?

There are three books in the original trilogy, His Dark Materials, that lasted from 1995 to 2000. The first book of the trilogy is entitled Northern Lights or Golden Compass and it was published in 1995. The first book The Subtle Knife has been published in 1997. The first book to be released is the Amber Spyglass. The trilogy is followed by three books that are forged in the same universe: Lyras Oxford (2003), Once upon a Time in the North (2008), and Serpentine (2020). In 2017, Pullman published La Belle Sauvage which is the first book in a new trilogy called The Book of Dust. The second book of the new trilogy, The Secret Commonwealth, was published in 2019.

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His Dark Materials books are in order (resultly) and in order (at an glance)

The series is based on a poem from the 17th century, called Paradise Lost by John Milton. Pullman says he chose this name because it echoed the dark matter of astrophysics. Here are all of the books on the go.

His Dark Materials trilogy:

  • There are three major changes to the climate.
  • The wolfkniff (1997).
  • The golden syringe (2002) swung The Amber Spyglass (2000).
  • Lyras Oxford (2003).
  • One at a time in the North (2008)
  • Silenium (2020)
  • The trilogy Book of Dust: The Book of Dust.

  • La Belle Sauvage (2017).
  • The Secret State of the United States (2019)
  • These books received much criticism from the Catholic Church and some people believe that their true meaning is anti-god. In 2008, His Dark Materials book came second with one of the world’s most banned books.

    What is the best way to read His Dark Materials?

    The best way to read the trilogy and all the companion books is chronological order.

    He ordered his Dark Materials (chronologically) books.

    A Time in the North (2008).

    One Upon a Time in the North is a high-envernive novella that is several years before the original trilogy. It tells a tale from how a young Texan balloonist, Lee Scoresby, comes to an artic city. He’ll meet Iorek Byrnisson and get caught up in a war between the villagers of the town and the large arctic bears.

    La Belle Sauvage (2016).

    Compared to the girl, Malcolm Polstead and his dmon, Asta, love to spend days with each other in their canoe, La Belle Sauvage. Malcolm and Asta are spies that get caught up in something way bigger than they know. They’re going to fly with a child, Lyra, but they will not take it.

    Northern Lights/The Golden Compass (1995).

    Synopsis: Lyra is a stubborn little girl who lives at the Jordan College in Oxford. When Lyras friend Roger disappears, Lyra and her dmon, Pantalaimon, will go on the quest to find him. That quest will lead him to the far north, where armored bears and witches are rulers. There they will find a team of scientists who are performing terrible experiments. When Lyra overcomes such first obstacles, something that waits for her to be accomplished is far more dangerous and scary.

    The Knife of Subtle (1997)

    Synopsis: Lyra’s place is in a new reality. There he is not alone. She is accompanied by Will Parry who comes from another universe. As they entered new worlds, they would discover an object of extraordinary and destructive power. I will say that they will pursue my dreams.

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    The Silver Spyglass (2000).

    The knife bearer Will Parry has to find Lyra. She is their key to success. Besides that, he needs to save the knife for Lord Asriel. Everything indicates that war is inevitable, and now must journey to a place where no one’s ever been alive.

    Lyras Oxford (2003) (2003).

    This is a story about Lyra and Pan who find a witch from an attack. They guide the dmon to the house of an alchemist, living in Oxford in Jericho. This journey will be much safer than Lyra and Pan anticipated.

    Serpentine (2020)

    Synopsis: The events from the original trilogy are far behind Lyra and Pan. Now they have decided to return to the North to go to a local business for a visit. Lyra always has problems with friends and then you will find out that nothing is always the same as it seems.

    The secret of the United States (2019)

    There is a second book in the new trilogy of Dust. It has happened twenty years after the events of the Belle Sauvage. Lyra and Malcolm are all grown up and have to go to Asia to get the lost city. A dmon who dwells on the outskirts of the desert have some secrets about Dust.

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    Where can I read his Dark Materials books?

    His Dark Materials books are accessible in stores worldwide. You can also order your copy on Amazon or read the ebook Kindle version. All the books can be listened to on Audible, as well as special audiobooks he narrated by Michael Sheen.

    Do you need to read His Dark Materials books in order?

    You must read His Dark Materials books in order. The characters have many parallel and many secrets in the books. In order to enjoy the adventure with our protagonists, read the books chronologically.

    Are He connected to his Dark Materials books?

    All his dark materials have been linked. The characters and places are the same in the books. And this book series is in sync with other philosophical and theological points that it focuses on.

    Will there be more books in Heish Dark Materials?

    Now there is only one book that won’t be able to go out of this book series. This book has not appeared in the trilogy of book of dust yet, and there’s still no such thing as that. Pullman hasn’t started to write this yet. His Dark Materials is a modern book, so it is surely one of the best young adult fiction books that I have ever written. Pullman is really interested in expanding this multiverse and we will certainly see a lot more from him.