The licence isn’t valid, why will you save it? We have a lead

Battlefield was in bad shape, but after the infamous failure of Battlefield 2042, the licence was actually dead or could it still be saved? How is the license under consideration by EA? We have a few clues. Battlefield 2042 failed. That's true. The [] of the [sic] is the part of the [sic]

Battlefield is in terrible condition. But, after the failure of Battlefield 2042, is the license so lost? What do EA plan on doing about the franchise? How can the license become paid out of it? We have clues.

Battlefield 2042 is a failed area. That’s true. The match did not find the audience or meet the goal of the EEA. The whole game is very different than the rest of the saga – hence making games to design that fans of the series showed no interest in. The disappointment is large when it comes to leaving.

Battlefield 2042, the cold shower.

The game was so great that players abandoned the game soon in favor of Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V, which were released years earlier. On Steam this is hardly known for a game. The number of players literally collapsed overnight without able to get to full full speed. Even today, we see a new life after the launch of Season 3 and the announcement of many exciting new features.

I don’t think I’ll see if I can do that again. The studios working on 2042, led by DICE, are doing their best to straighten the bar and save the shower. One thing is certain that battlefields lost on the way to where they wanted too much change the license spirit, so it is impossible to forget. Previously that was how the developers would say they would have to go to Battlefield 2042but not just for it.

On the left is the games ranking. The data set for Battlefield 2042 is right.

All is not lost.

While DICE wrote about the next updates on Battlefield 2042 in his last post, the future of the entire series was discussed. The developers say they are paying attention and listening to the community so they can gradually build the ultimate battlefield and guarantee a bright future.

Battlefield 2042 is building a franchise. Let’s continue listening to you, learn from him and update you to the work of DICE, Industrial Toys, Ripple Effect and Ridgeline Studios for any current and future battlefield experiences.

That’s not surprising news, as it has already been said that Battlefield 2042 should redraw the rules of the license and serve as a base for future episodes. And the concept of the saga looks like it’s still a mystery, but now, we can’t even remember the origins of the story.

EA still sees big things and thus teases an expansive universe. After reading the book, we became aware of something about a wide range of experiences, and what would be about that world where there would be narrative Battlefield games etc. According to the latest reports, a large number of developers are already working on the after Battlefield 2042. While the game isn’t dead and buried yet, EA wants to move quickly by experimenting a little more with 2042 while also using valuable community feedback to cook up the ultimate game fans have been waiting for.

Until now, we don’t know anything about the upcoming project; the last step is to reduce to 2042 its impact.

That is in the old jars.

A bad company 3 should restore the image.

Should the licence have come back from bad Company 3 with great fanfare? This is an interesting track. If you think about the problem, you should be better off to save the game. Bad Company, released in 2010, is certainly one of the most popular games in the series. I think a new Bad Company would be the ideal opportunity to highlight good characters like old and then with good characters, and thus unify the EA thirst for improv. But it would certainly be easy for the limited experience of the multiplayer core Battlefield. We have the right to dream, do you?

No matter how many paths EA takes, no matter what the developers create, what is certain is that the next Battlefield game must work hard to make a real recovery from the license.

Did you make it? What do you want to make for that franchise?