XIV: Is Portal one of the best dystopias of the past?

This portal series is one of the most famous of Valve games. Although the games are very good, a large part of this success comes from the great gameplay, but two of the titles in the license offer far more than that. In this new installment of JV LORE, kindly try to explain why Portals dystopia [] is the problem of the system [a] problem.

The Portal series of games is one of the famous Valve studio’s most iconic games. The first few of this success is the outstanding gameplay, but the two titles in the license offer much more. In this new installment of JV LORE, let’s see how Portals dystopia is going to become very successful.

The two games released by Portal in the summer of 2007 and 2011 has influenced the movie’s history. The critics voted unanimously with respective Metacritic ratings of 90 and 95. But what’s the reason for this success? The great strength of the puzzle license is thatwell found balance between the novel gameplay and the detail of the universe while secretly leaving it. The merit of puzzle game is greatly larger since games are very limited in dystopia. Both aspects of Portal and gameplay are linear, but the objectives remain constant. The story always serves the purpose, not the other way around. From the time we are played, the game gives us a real freedom and sequestration. The player finishes the game feeling that the scenario is as well written as natural.

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