Best German movies on Netflix!

German cinematography was always one of the most interesting and influential among people of all ages, and has never stopped making such interesting movies. From war to comedies and thrillers, with a good story, unforgettable characters and an excellent direction often with the most artistic value. Netflix The top 10 films are on Netflix.

German cinematography has always been one of the most interesting and influential and has never stopped making interesting movies. From wars to comedies and thrillers, always with great stories, unforgettable characters, and an excellent directing style, often with high artistic note. Netflix has its audience a wide variety of European movies. It keeps updating and adding new movies and television series. On this list we’re going to write about the best German movies on that platform.

All Right Up on the West (232).

This excellent war drama All Quiet On the Western Front was written in the best book of all time and based on the author’s account in the first World War II. The tale goes back to the midst of a young German soldier’s horrifying experiences on the Western Front.

It is the story of teenagers Paul Baumer and his friends Albert and Müller who voluntarily enlisted in the German army, believing and ready to defend their country. But they soon learn that life in the front is so cruel and more difficult than they could’ve ever imagined.

The Legion (2021)

This sci-fi adventure is set in a distant future, and we introduce to a female astronaut, who’s suddenly been damaged on Earth.

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After falling asleep and without his crew, Blake will meet different people, connected in a way or another, all reluctant to live a much different life than the people they are used to and soon she is getting ready to share their opinions.

The Army of Thieves (2021)

This is a prequel set six years before The Army of the Dead, where we meet and follow a shy banker Sebastian who runs a lonely life during a dangerous illness in Las Vegas. Soon after that, he will find himself in the middle of the heist of the century.

Sebastian is fascinated by locks and safes and is about to become a member of the crew responsible for performing this heist. When Gwendoline asks her to join her team, her life changes. They will take part in a mission across Europe, while Las Vegas is getting increasingly complicated.

Rising en toy (2020)

This comedy-drama is about three corrupt real estate agents who become suddenly extremely rich, but not so proficient at how much money they are presented with.

Viktor, Gerry and Nikole have found a way to make money from the Berlin property market but after successfully gaining it, they will slowly become addicted to such activities as corruption and greed.

What You Are About (2017) – Rock My Heart.

This tv film shows how powerful she is a young woman with terrible life situation that soon won’t let her decide herself, and it’ll give her beauty. Lena is a 17-year-old girl with heart problems.

His condition is fatal, but she wants to fight her destiny, accepting every opportunity on her way and making decisions that her parents don’t agree with. There is her life, but they must deal with their daughters’ needs.

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The Four of us (2021)

The romantic comedy involves two couples who decide to make a swap and live with their friends for four weeks. After four days, they are still chatting about each other.

In spite of the numerous changes that were made to their relationships, they realized that everything was changed and they can’t return to the life they led before. Every actions of his or hers are tested, their feelings will be reexamined and they’ll realize that they should reevaluate their expectations relating to themselves and their relationships.

Country on the New York Stock Exchange (2021)

This mysterious story takes us to a North Sea island where we follow Jonas, a high school graduate who moves there to live with his grandfather after his parents’ tragic death. When he meets these residents, his life will be completely unexpected.

He woke up by Helena’s arrival; the new german teacher turned his life upside down since he started to develop feelings he hasn’t ever felt before, and the odd teacher will recognize and enthuse his writing talent, only to make him fall in love. Helena isn’t a normal woman, and as she’s focused on Jonas, her attitude is much more serious.

John Schubert in a letter of love (2015).

Olaf is an interesting man who always has new and remarkable ideas but has never had time to find a girlfriend. He is the last descendant of the Schubert dynasty, and will soon have to deal with that problem.

When his father confronts him and orders him to have children, his mind is that he will never let him continue their bloodline, and Schubert will find himself in a situation he’s never imagined. He’ll likely start his search, so he begins as quickly as he can, in some funny situations.

Christmas Christmas Crossfires (2020)

This film revolves around Samuel, a teacher who just had an early night out with his dreams. The next day, while he idly drove her to his fathers’ birthday, he prevented a murder attempt, instead fleeing the killers with their target.

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When he tried to hide from such dangerous criminals, he forgot about the girl who is now alone in the forest and is on a journey by herself after being called a friend of hers.

The Anatomy (2000).

Franka Potente and Benno Furmann star in this fun horror thriller set in a university of the art boutique, Heidelberg. Paula Henning is the medical student that needs to be seen in an exciting event when the body of a young man she met on the train appears on her dissection table.

She’ll begin investigating the unusual and intriguing circumstances related to his death and uncover an antihippocratic secret society long ago.