Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War Episode 9 (Bleach 374) depicts the epic battle of Kenpachi Zaraki against Captain Unohana

The Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 took place December 5 2022. The episode focused on the path toward healing of Ichigo and Renjis, and the epic fight between the Captain Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki. How to explain Bleach: Seventh Century Blood War episode nine starts with Shunsui Jiro Sakuranoske Kyoraku telling Nanao his. Read more about why hes Read more.

Take a screenshot of the story Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 featuring Kenpachi Zaraki and Captain Unohana. Photo Credit: Studio Pierrot

On December 5, 2022, the book Bleach: 2000th Annual Blood War was released.

This episode focused on Ichigo and Renjis path to recovery, and a epic battle between the Capt. Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki.

Bleach: I have the episode 9.

As to the slack of the world, a thousand-year-old narration begins on the 9th episode of the last episode with sulsui Jiro Sakuranoske Kyoraku telling Nanao he was promoted to Chief Captain (Captain-Commander). At the moment we see the ancient Temple of the Holy Mother, a hill that is being remembranced with Ichigo.

In the manga, they showed Byakuya thrown from one pool to another and it was disappointing that an out-of-date moment was overlooked. A funny moment was that while Iigo soaked in the hot spring, he spotted Rukia floating around.

Learn how to make a manga. Credit of the Film Corporation.

And Tenjiro teased Mirigo if he saw a peach. And another way, Tenjiro asked if Ichigo was secretly ogling Rukias? (He was completely wrong).

It’s interesting to note that Ichigo was able to reflexively break the Lighting Fast Tenjiros’ fist.

Next we learn that Kyoraku intends to get Kenpachi Zaraki train and learn Zanjutsu because they haven’t got some power now. He plan on fighting with the Capt. Unohana with Zaraki.

Next, at the next palace called Gatonden, we see Kirio cooking für Ichigo and Renji a feast. In the anime, it is funny how they didn’t explain why Kon could become gigantic now, leaving out a scene where Ichigo was visiblely surprised by this change.

Mini art in Kirios. The pic credit: @rakusakugk/Twitter.

The hamburgers that Kirio made for Ichigo and Renji were extremely American-looking. It’s questioning whether that’s due to that fact that Studio Pierrot knows Bleach has large American audiences.

I’ve had no idea that Kirio could get skinny in reaction to all the things in the house, just because she used all of her spiritual pressure to cook special meals for them was hilarious. My nickname is Grain King, but it should be Grain Queen! Kirio is a humanist who invented artificial souls.

Kirio revealed the next palace they’ll be going to id the Hoohden, where it’s the creator of Zanpakutos, The Ootsu Nimaiya. Can Igina and Renji finally repair and restore their Zanpakutos?

Kenpachi Zaraki – Captain Unohana awed fans.

We get a completely completed battle between Kenpachi Zaraki and Captain Unohana at the end of the episode. And it’s revealed that a scar on her chest was caused by Kenpachi Zaraki during their first encounter. There was huge foreshadowing that Unohana was the first Kenpachi and we finally found out that the suspicion of the young man was confirmed in this episode.

Kenpachi Zaraki wasn’t hallucinating when he thought Unohana killed her. You attacked him at the same time, but then used her powers to get him back to life. Unohana plans on killing Kenpachi Zaraki and rebuilding him till he gets stronger. Zaraki put the odd limit for himself that he’ll grow only after the experience that’s come near death. The unohanas plan is to give Zaraki a greater number of nearly dead experiences than it takes until he realizes his power surpasses her.

Are you looking forward to seeing the final decision regarding Zaraki and Unohanas? Do you think Zaraki will be able to finally become Bankai?