For the 2nd season, Seraph Roadmap, the 19th, end date

The last major update was the last of Destiny 2's liltna, also known as “Seraph”. The new season brings a new dungeon, changes to Crucible and an entire bunch of weapons and abilities rebalances. There is also the usual speed boost, and new Exotics to be taken care of.

The first major update in the latest update is the second phase of the saraph, which is known as the second lion.

Every second season brings another dungeon, changes to Crucible and a whole host of weapons and abilities rebalanced.

There’s also a prank speed-scanner and new Exotics to watch for.

This season goes on and everything we know has come soon.

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The Seraph trailer shows Destiny 2 Season.

The sequel to the season 2 of the Seraph train will complete the enviable journey.

The roadmap for Season 19, which we will be going from December to February, includes the following confirmed activities:

  • The 6th of December: Season of the Seraph is back. The new Crucible balances, weapons, and abilities are all in the way to the beginning of the year, and moments of Triumph 2022.
  • The dungeon is open on December 9th.
  • Now open on Tuesday, November 20: The exodust zero upgrade is available.
  • The new Fortress mode is going to be available Monday, January 3th.

The Guardians can expect that more Iron Banner, Protests of Osiris, and The Dawning will take place in Season 19.

What’s new to the season 3 of the Spiral?

Destiny Two Season 19 brings together various upgrades to Crucible, Guardian abilities and weapons, as well as the return of Moments of Triumph.

Here’s a quick explanation of what you should expect.

In the weekly storyline on Warmind each match is done per matchheist Battlegrounds.

On December 20th, Exotic missions operation: Seraph Shield will allow you to fully upgrade Exotic Revision Zero, with several catalysts available in the future.

It is no longer feasible to change.

In Crucibleplayer’s playlist, players can expect the following:

  • Quick game control and battle with loose skill-based matchmaking skills.
  • Daily rotator Momentum Control, Mayhem, Team Scorched, Rift and Rumble using connections-based matchmaking.
  • The scale and strength of each member are a random selection, and the race is a random choice with skill-based matches to get the character and symmetry over the entire game.
  • Crucible Laboratories with a 3v3 Rift with asymmetry cards, with a 25% reputation bonus.
  • Private game with friends: personal games among friends.

A limited time event will also be happening.

  • Tests of Osiris: replaces Crucible Labs, uses new ticket-based system.
  • iron banner: The method of preparing Quickplay is based on a skill-based matchmaking technique.

Likewise, some rules, rules, etc., will apply. The full list of changes is long, but some are worth a focusing.


  • The re-assurance has reduced and has left it broken with the restoration a healer.
  • Knock Em down reduces damage resistance to Deadshot Golden Gun, while low bonus projectiles for Blade Barrage increase damage resistance.
  • Increase defenseal damage for Celestial Fire Warlocks.

The void includes:

  • Proxy Nova Bomb reduced projectile speed and accelerated the impact of enemies by bending their arm.
  • Increased Tether-Tether duration on Deadfall Shadowshot arrows, decreased duration on Mobius Quiver arrows.

I’m going to pick up a bow for him.

  • Decreased duration of the Thunderstorm Grenade.
  • Ballistic Slam, Tempest Strike, Arc Soul deal all of an increased damage in PVE.
  • The increased range of bullet lighting and the decrease of chain lighting.

For stasis:

  • The penalty for slowed enemies is increased by speed.
  • Improved Coldsnap Grenade enemy tracking.

Weapons have various challenges to overcome. The principal difference is:

  • Divinity debuff debuff dropped from 30 % to 15 %.
  • Deep Stone Crypt weapons have become Deepsighted and can be used to make these weapons.
  • A new exotonic weapon is added, with antichampion capabilities.

It’s the second season of the Seraph, and that will end at the end of season 19.

Destiny 22 is now available on Tuesday, December 6. It will begin Monday, February 28 at weekly period.

But there are still things to finish before the first season.

We have the Sails of the Shipstealer quest, Treasure coordinates and map fragments, Cryptic Quatrains and weapons such as Quicksilver Storm and Taipan 4FR. With the arrival of the Emperor and King of the Nation challenges, weapons such as the “Doom of Chelchis” and the “Gerit of Malice”. How To Get Exotics including Dead Messenger and Parasite is an example for The Witch’s Queen.

What should you do before the Season of the Saraph will end?

As for every season, there’s a list of things to do before the end of the season. There are two things that you must ask.

  • Call the season titles you earned.
  • Watch the end of the season. Usually, the seasons quest did not require you to complete season 18 but was Sils of the Shipstealer and although this is a must-see until the start of Lightfall and year six – that ended only expired when season 19 arrived.

The final film of the sprained season.

  • He becomes the emperor of ever-changing relationships.
  • Use all the remaining Season Pass rewards in all classes.
  • Have some completed tan, and make the appropriate materials as long as the Glimmer, a full-fledged teeter for the start of the season.

If you don’t get everything you need, there will be enough time. Enjoy your filibuster space while you wait!

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  • Destiny 2 on the Seraph-Sea road map.
  • What’s new for this season of the Segalyny’s 2nd season?
  • Passing flight 3: When does season 19 finally arrive?
  • What should you do before the year ended of the Seraph?