Google continues to scroll to search engines results

Search engine will continue to be the biggest change of the mobile search engine since Google Lens became one of the main protagonists of the image search engine. [Foots Googles are not available on one-thirds of the Internet's internet pages.

Google Lens has become an icon of the image search engine, now the big G is taking one of the biggest changes in the mobile search engine, so the desktop version has a continuous effect.

The Google account of the image on the web shows how the user interacts with the other images.

Repeated scrolling in Google search.

Since a decade ago, with Android police, there was always a collection of pages with limited search results for each page on the desktop. As for the Google search engine, things are going to change.

Google started the continuous scrolling of Search results for the mobile device in 2021. This ability exists already in the desktop version for anyone who uses search.

I hope this is the case, since I was introducing continuous scrolling on desktop in England in the US so you can easily look through search results.

-Google) December 5, 2022

Google yesterday went online to make the change with the help of an official Twitter account. The move informs the company that for the first time it is coming to English and in the United States where this change has been deployed in the search engine.

In other words, now you can see up to six pages of searches without having to do anything else than scroll down the Google page.

Android is available for free.

The mechanism can work like this, so you can’t click it – you can simply scroll with the search result. In order to be able to keep on following the six pages, we must click here.

Some of the reasons for that change, and thats why the Mountain View folks didn’t explain, are these early results that they are usually busy with advertisements and others that don’t comply with the requested searches. Important note – as it’s going out in this country, it’s being completed in stages, therefore if you don’t want to be in a state by chance, please be patient.

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