He says that he’s very proud of the moment, when he sees the moment that he has a pure heart

As soon as the BTS member Jin prepares for the military, here is his time with the beloved member of his family.

BTS Jin is ready to admit that he wants to leave us for now as he is starting to meet the date for his military enlistment. As far as the singers entrance ceremony location, I have a humble request to be seated and secure.

Today, the BIGHIT MUSIC made a personal statement to the fans in which they praised all of their supporters for supporting BTS and Jin and how they update us with the upcoming enlistment. They said that there will not be a formal event on the day of his recruiting and that the entrance ceremony is limited to military personnel and families.

They demanded the fans don’t crowd near the entrance to the ceremony and support the artist. BighIT MUSIC further asks not to buy unauthorized tours or product packages illegally using the artist’s IP. The company thanks the fans for their support and asks them to continue to show their love and support and trust them to provide whatever support Jin needs for this time.

It also emerged that Jin will enter the recruitment centre on December 13, 2022 after his basic training.

As the eldest hyung of BTS prepares to fulfill his duty to his country, there’s no doubt that we are all feeling dejected in December. However, we cannot forget the fact that the members themselves fight this mood while trying to bring us small pieces of joy all the time.

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For the military, the eldest hyung comes back home with many famous hyung moments that the members share with their beloved hyung!

Jin Hyung sex with the BTS members en-suite.

YoonJin (Jin and Suga)

If the younger group tries to create fearful aura around himself, it is Sugas hyung who breaks the ice and brings the sunshine outside for us to be witness. Being the only one who would feel the privilege to control our savage Suga, he’s going to make sure he’s living it to all for its purpose.

Despite the many chaotic moments the two share, from fishing to cooking together, the two never fail to take care of each other. Here’s a clip where he is loving his beloved friend Suga.

6Seok (Jin and J-Hope).

The 2Seok duo has probably been the most talked about lately after the MAMA 2022 when J-Hope called Jin while receiving a Daesang. As far as the two love, the bitterness and the wits come to an end. From fearing the dance chef, to being labelled “the two members who are easily scared,” this duo entertains both the members and fans.

His enthusiasm brings him in a number of heartwarming moments; his perception remains that he can always bring hyung, regardless of what the thought is. And even if the hyung could be a little more teasing towards Hobi’s beloved people, love won’t end soon.

NamJin (Jin and RM) is a naive person.

Namjoon, aka RM may be the perfect leader of BTS, but this leader is still looking for no more care as he makes sure that he is checking his Jin hyung and check his condition. The well-known king of destruction, messes up simple things, ensures his hyung catches attention of his little one.

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Since Jin’s camera is done and he’s never hungry, we’ll all witness this! Here’s a little reminder of this care.

JinMin (Jin and Jimin)

Jimin and Jin started the maknae line, and everyone was the baby of the group, insidiousness and childlike innocence of Jimin shine bright. He becomes the playful, yet loving little brother who would bear the hyung on his back, but also punish him for losing the game a lot. And now, the two let us know why this group is so tightly knit.

So heres to all the lessons that Jimin learns from his eldest hyung and the playful brother he aspires to be in front of him, with a clip composing his lovely moments together!

She, Yin and V.Jin, will speak with me!

Although Jin is known to care for all his members very well, his little baby must be the second youngest of all children, Taehyung aka V. He makes sure to spoil his beloved baby every occasion, from Run BTS to award-winning performances, etc. He’s always there to catch him if he falls and treats him better.

Here are the many TaeJin moments that we have all loved throughout the years.

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Joven-Yi Yu (Jin and Jungkoo)

Among our favorites, the chaotic and lovely duo – of the eldest hyung and youngest member -, Jungkook, he always says he’s raised. Because the two of them created chaos and spread love everywhere possible, Jins influence on Jungkook.

Heres a little reminder of their great relationship: the hyung tries to make it look the next step for his youngest.

These are all the lovely moments that Jin has spent with his beloved members, and while we may be able to get some new videos of their wonderful moments together, don’t forget the extraordinary memories that have been shared.

And in addition to that, the BTS will love their beloved hyung all these years and remind you that this time isn’t easy for them either.

As we get closer to the date of Jins enlistment, let’s take the look back at these great memories and we look forward to the return of him in a smile.

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