I made these 10 modifications to my Android 13 smartphone, so I love my mobile more

After many weeks of waiting, I finally got an update of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: One Ui 5 had released a new firmware bringing out iOS 13. The visual changes aren't overdoneat for me until I get deep into the settings. I made the phone very nice with a few customizations. I want to choose a new car.

After several weeks of waiting, I finally got the announced update on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – One Ui 5 appeared to be a new firmware, bringing Android 13 to the rescue. Visual changes aren’t too much until I go into the settings a lot of times. With some customizations, the phone is much more convenient.

When I choose a custom layer for Android, one of my choice is One UI. Probably Samsung is so much addicted to the software, but One UI has something important to me: the ability to build a mobile, and one without further capabilities. After the last update, I was more conscious of this customization effort: One UI 5 and the first Android 13 are among the others.

This soft drink can be personalized by yourself.

Just compare all Android-owned companies to verify that there is only one one hardly comparable brand in the updated Apple redesigned. The South Koreans maintain the longest, fastest, most comprehensive update schedule of all; its mid-range and low-end smartphone is now receiving Android 13 and One UI 5. This effort to keep the brand up to date seems to me the best value of the brand.

It was a surprise that I have been testing the software refresh since mid-November three months after the official release of Android 13. For a mobile it’s been on the market two years and its not bad at all, I think, but it should not be the usual thing. And the good thing is that the update isn’t like a glove!

I started testing the new themes, adding tints, and then in the UI settings that were introduced. And I turned the look around in ten steps.

Tone settings at the best of time.

Google introduced Material You on the site. It enables you to automatically adjust accent color in menus and app, and also in shortcuts. With Android 12, this personalization was only done according to the wallpaper; What Google expanded to user will with Android 13).

Samsung introduces one UI five of the Material You Theming design, with a few automatic and manual palettes. With this extensive number of customizations, I have managed to make my mobile adapt the tone to my needs: wallpaper and styling, the menu that appears when you press an empty space on the desktop.

This Android 13 feature can also be applied to Shortcuts. While it is possible that some applications are not all suitable to Android 13, icons may not be completely uniform. But the colors are the best, but the colours are not said better.

The icons that I want are used in shortcuts.

I never waste a bunch of suggestions for Good Lock, and this collection of apps appears to be one of Samsung’s great successes. Since it would be good if you change the icon pack without changing the theme?

Theme Park, integrated with Good Lock, allows the installation of icons on mobile to meet the selected theme. The Pixel Icon Pack has one of the best collections in Google Play, which is made with durable materials. Thanks to the theme park mentioned above, I managed to apply the Pixel icons to my Note 20 Ultra.

Updated new apps menu.

Samsung has renewed all Good Lock apps so they can adapt them to One Ui 5 and Android 13. It’s also concerning Home Up. It’s one of the most useful measures to speak directly to your phone a bit. The apps would prefer to be a fan of letters, but rather a little more diverse: they’d save space in the menu.

To achieve the desired effect, I installed Home Up from Good Lock, went to Task Changer and select Stack on a way somewhat identical to iOS (this is much more valuable than splitting a card as it was in the other version of Android). The recent update also gives it much more room for gestures.

Widgets have been divided into a single widget.

I like to have widgets on my desktop, but it doesn’t take up all my space. Don’t you need to create an individual widget that includes all the people that I like. In the case of the UI 5, it is possible.

Even the latest version of Samsungs Custom Edition lets users add all of their widgets to one table. In my case, my time is limited and, if it’s basic, I put playback controls for music apps, search and latest whatsapp chats. This way I can move between them using a simple gesture on the group widget.

Pro app for video and photo processing.

Take a shot without a touch and take a good shot usually is automatic, but sometimes it is when I aim to push the shot fast. Yes, to do without manual control, as well as the commands that Samsung offers separately on some smartphones, such as the Note 20 Ultra.

This is a free tool for working with video cameras. It is perfect for those times when I need to practice complete image management.

As a bonus, I launched an Enhnance-X app. This application can be used to improve your photographs with artificial intelligence. The Samsung Galaxy is available, but also the APK. It seems to me an excellent complement to the multimedia capture capabilities offered by new mobile phones.

I regulated telephone privacy very carefully.

The development of encryption techniques for Android was evident at various levels in a number of years, both in system and manufacturer. In the case of One UI, several related aspects improve my telephone perception: the way I perceive the phone – one UI is no longer a smartphone.

  • List all applications that have access to key hardware components. Camera, microphone, GPS, clipboard One Ui 5 displays all of these accesses in a detailed list, based on the precise date of use. What do you suspect is that the application is outdated? Privacy options help me find out what your intentions are.
  • An access permission notice. As far as we know, the mobile alerts us when a sensitive element is used.
  • Without a permit, a withdrawal will be allowed. It isn’t new to One UI 5, but still seems important to me: the system specializes in monitoring applications that aren’t used to remove their permissions automatically. It can be found in the application information, and in the settings.

I copy the pictures and snaps them.

Take the time to find that text with a shot.

I have done this with Google Lens, but one UI 5 makes it so easy: The Samsung Gallery contains text on photos, and I can make it with the screenshots and even the Samsung keyboard. It’s one of those things that make my work more comfortable than my work, and my time away. Hold down the image in order that the picker can activate the image.

The sidebar, this hidden gem you’ve never used before.

I don’t like to control the interface of my mobiles, so I avoid floating menus. But I decided to try One UI 5, the one called Edge content (found in the screen choices).

Touched keyboard with the optional menu, allowing the user to perform a multitieth of moves, e.g. the key to navigating a mouse and using the mouse. The clipboard should be the panel’s ready to take a full list of copied items. I admit that I find it very useful.

A computer-like gesture gives it a simpler way to multitask.

One UI 5 includes two new gestures in its experimental design that help me accomplish multiple tasks on mobile: swipe a floating and swipe a split-screen app. The option can be found in the Advanced settings in Labs.

The pictures and the photographs are used for every contact.

That option seems silly, but I am, of course, one of my favorites in One UI 5. I can assign a wallpaper to each person with whom they call, so that if the phone change the background of the person who wants it, I can easily identify from one glance who it is. In some cases, I can assign the photo of the person to occupy the whole screen. I know that from a distance, I can tell you who it is from here.

Table of Contents.

  • Is this a soft drink for personalization?
  • Tone settings at will.
  • The icons I want in shortcuts are exactly the same as my favourite.
  • Updated the recent app menu.
  • The Widgets are grouped into a single Widget.
  • Pro for film and photo.
  • I can’t compromise on my phone’s privacy in detail.
  • I copy the photos with my camera and capture them.
  • The sidebar, that hidden gem you hadn’t used before.
  • A pair of swivels helps you multitask.
  • Call the wallpaper for each contact.