I praised the story. “The Bunker has voted a Horror Series on the Open Earth.”

It's been about two years since Amnesia came to rebirth. The Bunker will be added soon. This horror movie got its first trailer and is coming out in March 2023 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. There was no port mentioned in the PS5 tab, []

That is only about two years since Amnesia’s birth. The Frictional Games has just announced another new post in the Amnesia series called The Bunker. The horror game got its first trailer and is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in March 2023. There was no port for PS5.

The trailer sets the tone by showing just one individual character wandering around the bunker with a revolver, while non-existent noise is heard in the concrete walls. Players inhabit the boots of an amnesiac soldier in a central bunker, while being chased by another world-famous monster. This beast constantly hunts the player and appears to be like the Xenomorph of Alien: Isolation and is well represented in its key art.

This seems to translate to the rest of the game in a way that Frictional note notes that The Bunkeris mostly made up of unscripted scares and take its advantage of the above mentioned monster. Puzzles, obstacles, and games tasks are all handled separately and players must choose what they want. However, these choices may have a negative impact on the game’s performance and make players decide to choose the next two games. And since so much isn’t scripted, many objects, threats, and resources will turn into playthrough.

Games are a semi-open place where users can explore freely and are encouraged to experiment with its emergent gameplay elements so that they can even succeed. The Bunker arms its protagonist with a revolver and a dynamo flashlight, but not that as the broader ones drew its attention.

This is the fourth amnesia game, but only the third time Frictional has created. While it madeAmnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth, Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room developed the second entry, Amnesia: A Pigeon-made machine. Frictional published A machine for Pigs, presumably while it was working onSoma, another well-received horror game.