In the Crown Prince’s Umbrella Ending, The Prince’s Slayer’s Friend Explained: Does Hwa-ryeong Correspond to the Crown Princes Mystery?

The final book of Under the Queens may explain the story well, but you should be able to understand the fact that the recent Korean movie is on Netflix.

After the impactful period kdrama, the two of whom was filmed by Kim Hye-soo, Choi Won-young, Moon Sang-min, Kim Hae-sook, Yoo Jeon-ho and more coming to an end on December 4, 2022, we bring you Under the Queens umbrella ending explained to demystify the respective character arc conclusions. Designed by Kim Hyung-shik, the first season of this historical drama or sageuk was broadcasted and streamed by Netflix worldwide.

While spoiler warnings are still in place for what to come next in this story, the character of the prince of Bae (hyuks) will have no mystery surrounding his death during the first few months of season. Even though the characters have become the major character of the show, the demise inevitable is one of the most crucial factors in the dramatization of the events.

Netflix has defined the series as a series with three.


Under the Queen’s Umbrella Ending Explained (Ending the Queens – A Spoiler)-

Under Queens Umbrella Ending Explained Explained.

Homa-ryeong and Seong-nam teamed up to solve the mystery of the murder of Crown Princes, which sparked further interest when they discovered the similarities shared between him and the last 20 years with Taeins. Both were poisoned in a similar fashion; the perpetrators had eradicated legitimate clues, thereby making it appear their mutual disease was the cause of their demise.

Is this mystery solved in the end? Who killed the Crown Prince?

And, when a physician-kwon is known, Yi Ik-hyeon, deposed queen Yoons son poisoned the Crown Prince, then repeated history as a brother killed the man, Taein in the evening. Hwa-ryeong and Seong-nam trace the case of their Crown Princes’ death with their older counterpart. Due to the different similarities and similarities between the cases, the killer causes the death being the poison, they study the case thoroughly. Eventually they saw the full identity of Master Toji (a.k.a. Yoo Sang-uk, the older Crown-based royal physician) and Physician Kwon (the older Crown-born royal physician or Yi Ik-hyeon) and Doctor Kwon (truth-based royal physician or Yi Ik-hyeon).

Under the Queens Ends Umbrella!

Who gets the tiger between the Queen Hwa-ryeong and Dowager?

The long-running clashes between Queen Hwa-ryeong and Dowager have set the tone of the series from the beginning. After the season finale, they butt in as much trouble as they want to preserve their royal seat and the crimes she committed ten years ago. The Queen Hwa-ryeong, in turn, able to stop this vicious cycle by making the King, / and her husband admit that he was a real child, do not know a living world.

Queen Dowager believed her son wouldn’t turn against her because it would eventually question the legitimacy of his ascencion to the throne, too. However, envious of all odds, so far as he was led by his councilmen, the King turns to Hwa-ryeongs words and wants to bury himself from the years old weight and fervor. He accepted all the evidence that Hwa-ryeong provided and presented it with the first draft of the king’s death days records, and presented it all to the councillors, to shed light on what had happened to his mothers.

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To redeem his older actions, he reinstates the deposed queen Yoon, while restricting his mother to her confined places and banning any kind of interaction wit her. As a result, due to the changes, Queen Dowager can’t accept her loss and was found dead in the seat of a judge in Nam’s house in her old palace.

A still from the episode 16 of Under the Queens, was present in the movie “Avail the Gods”.

Is anyone dead in the end?

Besides Queen Dowager’s suicide, the fans quickly noticed that the family of the CNU family is probably the most dysfunctionally-functioned unit introduced by the show. It has been revealed that Prince Ui-seong is not the Kings song, and Queen Dowager has escaped with her eyes to test his fathers’ identities, while the Secretary of State, Won-hyeong (Ston Hwangs father) wasn’t familiar with this groundbreaking idea. By being the final one of the dots, Queen Dowager puts two and two together, as she realises that Physician Kwon isn’t only brother of Crown Prince Taein, the depose queen Yoon’s son Yi Ik-hyeon, but also Ui-seong’s father.

When she learned about life, she uses Ui-seong as her leverage to make Kwon escape the shadows. Won-hyeong is also a more than willing one, as well as willing to give him to the King to defend his personality and shape. He walks out for a secret meeting with the rebels. Kwon caught on and looked through his suspicious energy, glueing himself to him at the scene, so that the guards shook his eye.

Kwon calls on Won-hyeong for wanting to give him to the Kings, who would have been ordered to kill him in sight. He finally ends his true identity with Yi Ik-hyeon. Despite what the scholastic revelation is about, the Chief State Councillor is stunned at that revelation and tried countless times to fight with Ik-hyeons. Nevertheless, he doesn’t give him a second and mercilessly avenges his brothers murder with an offensive killing of Won-hyeong (in the absurd twister way, he kills his father-in-law).

A still from Under the Queens Episode 16 of the series.

Queen Dowager incites Ui-seong that his links to the rebellion against the King will soon be revealed and the only action to revive his reputation in the palace is to kill Kwon himself. She knows how biological ties are, but since Ui-seong wasn’t present at the time, he renounces, where Kwon is put up by the surrounding royal forces to take him in.

Without hearing another word, Ui-seong pushes his sharp sword through Kwons body, who, in his dying moments, finally bowed with their relationship and demanded he survived by every means and unlike him. We also have a case of patricide in the end.

Is Seung-nam able to keep His Promise and welcome His Nephew to the Palace Again?

When we all get over this topic, the Grand Heir, Won-soon (his brothers son), we return to the palace. As a result, a mother’s mother the former Princess of England and his infant sibling became both family and their mother is restored to their original residence, with the former Princess of England developing a warm camaraderie with Cheong-ha, the new Princess of England.

What’s that about all Grand Princes?

Even though it happened before the last episode, Seong-nam got his desired seat as the new Crown Princess after the taekhyeon contest, and married Cheong-ha. Both benefited their respective families in the end, and the new Crown Princess was declared pregnant even despite the recent attempts of the Queen Dowager to avoid her miscarriage and a failed pregnancy, so that she might not be able to take away her reputation from the palace and to gain the reputation of Seong-nam.

A still from Under the Queens Umbrella episode 16.

Gye-seong continued to express his inner stifled voice through his paintings, which also gave the message of his lack of agency and freedom to be who they wanted to be. Eventually with the permission of Hwa-ryeongs, he grew up in a world where they could spread their wings without giving him the permission of a royal man. Later, they even sent Hwa-ryeong paintings showing their new life as a trans woman outside the palace, living as a true version of their self.

Grand prince Muan moves out of the palace was well once his relationship with Cho-wol opened. In order to live an unrestricted life that doesn’t follow the rule of the prince, he continues to visit the palace (a bit too much) to give him the intel from the royal consorts new ways of mentoring his genius daughter, A-ra, born out of wedlock.

Grand Prince Il-yeong on the other hand keenly believes in his astronomical quirks; he is working on innovations often in a complex vacuum to escape the disaster, and again in trouble with his mother riding around the royal corridors to escape the disaster.

What happens to other princes?

The other grown-up princes need a new way of meeting their mother in the palace often. The majority of his time goes to work out his official duties, notwithstanding all the time getting back to discuss with the Crown Prince Seong-nam. At the same time, Prince Sim-so tells all the news about his wife’s pregnancy. As he’s taking so much interest in his life, who has changed her old orthodox ways of living.

A privileged setting, Prince Ui-seong and his mother, former Consort Hwang, are moving home to move to a rather modest location. His mother suffers from a traumatic blow after the devastating blow of the deaths of my fathers.

Although the king, Iowis, was recently welcomed back to the palace by a Kings ordered of re-institution, the former queen finds it difficult to be fit for the royal setting, particularly since the last thread holding her strong, her son died also. Even though her unique condition, tell him to Hwa-ryeong, helps keep the Ui-seong and his mother from harming way, the Queen often checking them.

A still from Under the Queens Umbrella episode 16.

In the Queen’s Umbrella finale scene, the statue is in the Queen’s uniform.

Moreover, the Queen is accompanied by his son, Seong-nam, who says the law is done to protect against heavy rain and a heavy impact of this earth; so he gives her some umbrellas to protect against the rays, and give her a shade against the heavy downpour. He also gives her his shoulder an open-air shield against the harsh rain. The scene is parallel to another shared story shared by her with Grand Prince Gye-seong, wherein she tilted the umbrella in his favour, protecting him against the prejudiced constraints inherent in the royal setting and all odds.

While she finds a shoulder to use with her son Seong-nam, who is the newly named Crown Prince, the future generation still can count on her to fight against all kinds of evils and protect them.

All 16 episodes of Korean drama are streaming on Netflix now. The new season run commenced on December 4-2022, with the Premiering on December 4-22 at 7:30 p.m.

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