Is Unohana dead in Bleach? Will she come back?

In the Bleach story, the Captain of Second Division was one of the most intriguing characters in the story. She was very intelligent and knowledgeable, and was highly respected amongst Shinigami, and for some reason, people were afraid of her, even those like Kenpachi Zaraki. It was interesting, but history of Unohanas has turned out to be unaffected. Does Unohana die in Bleach & How? Are you going to be back? Read More

In the Bleach chapter, Captain Retsu Unohana was one of the most intriguing characters of the Four Divisions. She was competent and well-mannered among the Shinigami and, a few times, even people feared her by laugh, so that they would be like Kenpachi Zaraki. Despite her history, Unohanas made her character even more interesting, adding several layers to her persona. Since of this, Unohana was the only person who could awaken Zarakis true potential. And to this day, it was why she had to fight him after the first Quincy invasion. Is she dead in the duel? Read on to find out.

Retsu Unohana was indeed killed by Kenpachi Zaraki in their duel. Unohana knew it was the only possible result because it was the only way to unlock Kenpachis true powers. He had jumped out of his throne at the eve of the unohanas and, therefore, the moment he needed to kill him. Of course, Kenpachi didn’t want it, and he didn’t want Unohana to die, but that was the only way of doing that.

This article will be about the fight between Retsu Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki. Look around how the fight between Unohana and Kenpachi played out and why it had to end like that, i.e., why there was no alternative ending. It’s promising to be a fun story, so keep reading until the end, but remember that there will be spoilers!

How did Retsu Unohana die in Bleach?

To fully understand why Retsu Unohana died in Bleach, we need to explain the circumstances that led to their fight as well as how the fight was conducted. No matter what we are missing, the answers are hidden in this story, and if you don’t, go and find answers, to give us a break, then take the time to look at them.

Following Kenpachis defeat against the supposed Yhwach, Royd Lloyd, Hungary was commissioned by the Central 46 to take charge of Kenpachis training in Zanjutsu, stating she’s the only one who can deal with him. The meeting ended with a letter from Unohana’s Lieutenant Isane, where she’d probably say she’d be unable to return. Kenpachi leaves his eyepatch to Yachiru, as a symbol that he might not be able to return as well.

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The prison of Muken, the only place in which his powers won’t cause a catastrophe, is now waiting for Zaraki. The battle ends while others say that despite both combatants, one will not come alive. Zaraki attacks Retsu Unohana using his Zanpakuto, however, is stopped by Unohana’s own Zanpakuto.

After several thrusts, Kenpachi jumps on a ferocious attack with the intention of killing her. Retsu easily dodges Zarakis attack, landing a blow on his shoulder; Kenpachi is knocked down so he can still stand, attacking Unohana again. The captain pushes Kenpachis arm to hit him in a fatal blow, but when he kicks it her back, she leaves for a few minutes.

However, both Kenpachis and their swords collide again, without surprising that Zaraki is getting close and he is causing the attack, breaking his shoulder again. Retsu tells Zaraki that he’s quite weak and that people who carry their swords, while not to the left, enjoy the battle with him.

Zaraki is berated for cutting him to use the random dagger instead of his Zanpakuto and adding that such tricks show her very very re-entry. Retsu Unohana yells at him that he shouldn’t talk as like that in the middle of a battle, after he cornered him on a rock, now being at the mercy of her will.

Unohana told him that he hasn’t changed, that last time they fought, Kenpachi didn’t have to use those cheap tricks. Zaraki asks whether or not he is the one who became weak, stating that he’d admired her from the bottom of his heart and that no matter what she cut, it was like his sword wagging in the dark. But he felt the most real fear after being fight with her, adding that he enjoyed every second of her fight, and that he decided to fight like her.

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Zaraki has shed tears of despair wondering whether he won’t die there until defeating her. Zaraki is infiltrated by Unohanas Zanpakuto. After that, Zaraki realizes that it’s the end, although apparently he was imprisoned by an illusion. Once the truth is gone, Zaraki continues to fight with Retsu Unohana, who asks about the past time, as the latter, the alleged murderer, and even as he takes his face up, who, apparently, lost consciousness for a few moments.

Zaraki tells him to keep ignoring the enemy and go while fighting against the captain. As the fight seems to turn on Retsus, Zaraki is constantly put on a depressor and loses consciousness every time he continues to fight, wondering how many times he has already fallen. Zaraki states that this battle made him look particularly nostalgic, remembering his first fight with Retsu.

Kenpachi manages to get a tear on Retsus and continues to attack the captain without telling her. It seems that Kenpachi is wounded in the chest and his blood flowed slowly, but he seems to fall to rest before Retsu, but he uses her abilities in the healing Kido to regenerate his wounds.

Although they’re still fighting, Kenpachi slips slowly, but Retsu Unohana continues to heal his wounds. Kenpachi manages to hit an amazing target on Unohana, while turning the fight around. After receiving the large wound from Zaraki, Unohana continues tying her up, shoving her cheek.

Retsu regenerates the wound with great speed through her medical Kido and asks Kenpachi if he really thought that she would die from such an attack. Retsu Unohana works to release her Bankai as a giant curtain of black liquid covers the place that Unohana speaks her Bankais name, Minazuki.

Neither Kenpachi nor Zaraki fight while they fall, and again, the flesh detaches from his bones. While Kenpachi wonders whether he has been dreaming all the time, everything is restored to normal, as both men and women cross their swords again. Both manage to throw blows, but it is not like anybody is ready to quit fighting.

Retsu Unohana thinks that Kenpachi was able to suppress his power to enjoy the battle, while she helped heal wounds and then make it last forever. Retsu states that one in each fight, as she recalls her first fight with Kenpachi while telling him that he is the only one who has made her happy through the battle.

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Unohana says goodbye to Kenpachi while pierced by the Zanpakuto, leaving Zaraki as the winner of the big battle and the only Kenpachi that existed at that time. Unohana has been defeated by his impaled Zarakis Zanpakuto. For instance, it is bitter, as Zarakis pleaded to not sacrifice his eloquent power, to tell Unohana that he wasn’t gonna cling to the arm of his own heart. Unohana tells him that he was the only man who made her happy throughout the battle, while he finally manages to contact the side of his Zanpakuto who is willing to say his name.

The author, According to Unohana, knew Kenpachi had more power than her and he was essentially stronger than her. But the whole thing of his powers was suppressed or sealed, which meant that he was required to unlock the true power of Kenpachi. Unohana sacrificed herself to allow Kenpachi to become stronger, knowing that he would use the Gotei 13 to his best.

Will Retsu Unohana return to Bleach?

Just as soon as Kenpachis blade pierces Unohana, that’ll be in the end, at least for the Quincy War. Hence, we know Unohana won’t be coming back so she died during the duel with Kenpachi. What happened to her on the second day is an unspecified mystery that Kubo teased. We know she’s dead, and because of her immense spiritual pressure, she was sent to Hell along with the late Captains; because her spiritual pressure is simply too strong, it’s time for Soul Society to take in and allow her to be reborn, which means the all late captains leave the hell because it’s not enough to live in Soul Society.

The moment when the Shogunes and the Hague adolo escaped, Ukitakes – No Kotowari nor Kotowari – was harmed with Szayelaporro Granz from the Golden Gates of Hell. This means that Ukitake is seemingly alive in hell and has helped the Shinigami above. That would mean that Yangya is there, too. To conclude that if Kubo decides to continue Bleach, there’s a huge chance we’ll see more of Unohana in the future, but wait and see what Kubo decides to do again.