Lars Ulrich says why Metallica Let Stranger Things Use Master of Puppets

Metallicas Master of Puppets recently gained a huge popularity thanks to its inclusion in the New York scene. In a recent interview, drummer Lars Ulrich revealed why the band allowed the show to use its song. The blaze isn't just around the corner, but it's only one of the most dangerous seasons of the year. The executives are naughty.

Metallicas Master of Puppets was recently brought to a big-scale popularity thanks to its incorporation in a now iconic film in Season 4 of Stranger Things. In a recent interview, drummer Lars Ulrich revealed why the band allowed the show to use its song.

The previous night, in the SiriusXM show interview with Howard Stern, I wrote that, during the time of year, Metallica was a band that would say no to a push for an album. After years of refusing to say no, Ulrich said that the band eventually decided to change their direction and say yes to everything.

The truth was that, with Metallica, we were never the guys, Ulrich said. Hey can we have this song for this? Will we have that song for that? Can we get it? Oh, and we’d just say no, not, and a few years ago, we did 180. We just said you know what? That’s stupid. Why are we hanging on such a great deal of songs, like these one so important, like those of these jewels? Let’s share our music with everyone. So we started to say yes to everything.

When it came to Stranger Things, Ulrich said the band knew how popular the show was and that they said yes to the action when the team behind the series told them they wanted to create a scene around Master of Puppets. For Ulrich, it was a crazy experience to see that almost 40 years later, the song had very much impact.

It was a mindfing idea to see how that became a phenomenon, said Ulrich. It was completely unexpected. Who would have thought that these songs could still have that impact 40 years later? We were thinking we would be in favour of that.

Stranger Things was created in the 1980s in a fictional town called Hawkins. When a young boy is gone, a small town finds an ancient mystery with an extensive imagination, and scary supernatural forces, and a strange little girl.