Microsoft affirmed that the Xbox AAA-Gaming Titles will start to cost 70 $

The grim reality of modern gaming is that consumers expect to roughly pay for a new AAA game in an area of 70 dollars. If we don't do anything on the console or the PC, this is the new standard, or whether we like it or not (and the latter, I do, pretty much always) a lot.

This is the grim reality of modern gaming. The consumers expect roughly to pay an average of 70 dollars for a new game. As for the first time, I can do that with a single-person console. It is a new standard, whether we do it or not. In this regard, however, Microsoft has at least been at least putting out a fair deal with the tide by using a traditional figure of around 60 o’clock to market its new console games.

After a report on SlashGear, it is the decision to end all bad things. Microsoft confirmed that it has now announced that as of 2023 it will adapt its MSRP model to make $70 the new standard price consumers should expect on Xbox X/S games.

Microsoft confirms that Xbox titles will get more valuable.

The news isn’t as shocking as we had already seen Ubisoft, Take-Two, EA and most of the other major publishers confirm that things should move up to around 70 p.m., to be more representative of the global cost of modern AAA-gaming development. And, so much as we think of sloppy/decal day titles, game development has been significantly, perhaps incredibly expensive over the last 10 years and perhaps hardly, to warrant this increase.

Microsoft was keen to keep this figure down to the 60 space so they could make their consoles a little more attractive in comparison to the competition. In regards to competition, Sony kicked out the PS5 with a $270 gaming price tag. So, at least in theory, they may have had a little bit of a point.

That’s as expected, but if they are feeling obliged to be going up to 70 dollars. Hell, the Xbox Game Pass looks much better than it was before I thought about it.

What do you think about that, though?