New York is already complete!

The Mistlands update lures us to new shores. This time, Santa wears a Viking helmet. On December 6th, Valheim surprises at the big Mistlands update. It's a great time to start with the new edition. The update was only playable in the beta, so far. Take a look at the game.

The Mistlands update lures us to new shores.

This time, Santa is wearing a Viking helmet: On December 6th, Valheim surprises by the release of the huge Mistlands update. You can make the full expansion to begin now! The update wasn’t played in beta yet.

Take a look at the movie trailer again to get you in the mood for the new landscape, magic powers and creatures.


The first game of the Mistlands update is the game’s first game.

What is it in The Mistlands?

New biome: The Mistlands are Valheim’s most complex and largest biome up to now. Here mystical creatures and mysteries lie in the dim twilight, just waiting for your Vikings to explore.

Suddenly the magic energy Eitr came from the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. By which you take power over elements such as fire, ice, or life force, it works by means of the ability to control them, you create special staves.

The new Weapon Type is included in the update. The Heavy Crossbow is the type of weapons you use to back enemies with. Yours, if you want to thou miss the danger of fear of the creatures.

Those are new friends: For the first time there are NPCs who are friendly to you: The Dvergr are a new faction.

See a graphical update from Valheim Mistlands.

Even more news: Black Marble is new to the Mistlands update. You can use them to build strongholds. The fortresses of old dwarves, hidden in the fog, are made of stone as well. Apart from this, there’s 2 new armor sets and many furnishings, crafting stuff, a world boss and many more waiting for you.

For Geraldine, the Mistlands is the most important update that Valheim gets. She explained why the entire game depended on him in her column.

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It’s his last chance to leave the state of New York.

In order to visit the new Mistlands, you must take an unexpected look at a not revealed part of the map. Only then will you have experienced the new content of this update, so pack your axes and food and go.