Retail Listings are beginning to issue Nvidia 4070 Ti on Friday 5th, not Thursday morning, not Sunday afternoon, not Sunday mornings

Ignore the fact that Nvidia will confirm its new GTX 4070 Ti graphics card at the beginning of January on or before CES 2023 (November 5th and February 8th). And, of course, this is a GPU already familiar with, since it looks 99.9% guaranteed that [[] I'll always like it.

The government is working to confirm that Nvidia will announce the launch of its new GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card at a later date, either on or before CES 2023 (Monday 5th and 8th January). And indeed this is a GPU that I’m already getting accustomed to. There seem 99.9% guarantee this 4070 Ti will be the unlaunched 4080 12GB.

It shouldn’t be overlooked. Given all that, however, there’s a difference between a release and the launch date. So, so as to remind ourselves of this, when should we expect the 4070 Ti to be there for sale? Exactly, following a study from TechPowerUp, a retail placeholder has strongly indicated that Nvidias next GPU will be officially released on January 5th, if it is available to purchase.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

This would be almost as easy as to say that the retailer putting down any date as a placeholder if it waited for an update/launch announcement from Nvidia. To those that are a little more precise, the timing is much better, the timer ticking down by me, a countdown, which appears a little back in my mind that the Nvidia 4070 Ti will be available for purchases on January 5th.

It would thus indicate, that this is set for either a simultaneous launch or, more likely, Nvidia will launch the GPU just the day earlier. Although it’s hard to know how this GPU has been used the 4080 12GB, it is possible to understand whether consumers actually have big interest in it. It has been known that it retains the 89-99 per cent of the yearly salary when it was called the 4080 12GB.

What do you think about it?