The beautiful game Gris is coming to PS5 and Xbox X|S

One of the most beautiful and visually striking independent games will rewrite the current generation of consoles. It's a gristhe game from the Spanish Nomada Studio, and has an early release date for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X | S with a slew of improvements. But first, look at the trailer.

One of the most beautiful and visually beautiful independent games will come up in a few months. Gristhe, the Spanish Nomada Studio, is already in production for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, with a series of improvements.

But then, we’ll see the trailer for this announcement.

Gris is a 2D game in which you get an amazing story about a person’s grief and death.

When does it begin? Gris en PS5 y Xbox Series X|S?

This new version of the game is going to be released on Thursday, December 13 – 2022.

What improvements will they be making?

  • Xbox S: 2K resolution at 120fps.
  • Xbox 360 X: 4K or 2K resolution 120fps.
  • PlayStation5: 4K resolution at 120fps with DualSense (haptics and speaker).

Gris It also makes it available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and mobile devices. There is a discounted rate of 70% on Steam until December 12 2222. This means that it is at less than 9,000 pesos in Colombia.

Neon White is a good indie game that came out on those consoles the same day.

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