The Chainsaw Man Episode 9 review from Anime-Only Viewers: From Kyoto was fire

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 was an absolutely hot follow-up to last weeks episode. Last week everything turned upside down.

Episode 9, From Kyoto, was a wonderful follow-up to last week’s episode. Last week was a tough game for us, but this week there was an episode that focused on our lives. We had intense battle scenes, jaw-dropping revelations, and unexpected character development throughout a series. The anime narrates why this manga is so popular.

This weeks episode MVP was no longer the usual Makima. The animation for his scenes combined with her voice acting helped build the character’s character. Sadly, kudos to Kobenis are out of the ordinary. Her voice actor helped sell this time of the film.

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The Episode reopened with Himeno & Akis – The Heartbreaking Scene.


The episode got started right where it left off without Himeno sacrificing herself to help Akis. The Snake Devil killed his sacrifice and shortened him. But in spite of that, she was able to give Aki the reprieve he needed to at least get a shot at living.

As well, there’s an interesting scene where the ghost-down is alive and is able to go over to Denji and pull his chainsaw, powering him back up so he can fight.


It raises many questions. Is the Ghost Devil simply carrying out Himenos last wishes? Does a portion of Himeno still live in a ghosting state? It’s unclear what a snake-dish killed the Ghost-dish and the Himeno, or perhaps left them a couple of miles away.

In this scene, we learn that Power disappeared (she was supposed to be tasked with helping Aki live). It is unclear what had happened to her, as it was because she didn’t show up anywhere in this episode.

The Denji and Katana Mans Battle was epic.

One who lost consciousness, with the clue.

I enjoyed Denji and Katana battles. This is the first time Denji faced off against someone who is perfectly similar to him. During most of the battles, they were equally matched, and one couldn’t get the better of one another. He could move so fast that nobody could track him or know where he’s going. He was able to slice Denji in half while moving at this speed (in the same way that he was able to improve Aki and spear him).

I wonder whether Denji has access to the same power. Or does he have other potential powers that he hasn’t learned to use yet? This capability seems a bit OP for Katana Man, so I assume there will need to be somewhere down the road that balances it out.

One thing is certain: when Katana Man moves fast, it drains his power (as a way that Denji loses a lot of blood). But when his power roars, the Devil’s side looks to get away from him. We haven’t seen that happening to Denji, but if we see the change of how he turns back into human form, I can’t remember.

The majority of the team is dead.

Chainsaw Man Episode 9

The death count has increased from last week, although noteveryonedied. One thing I learned is that I falsely assumed that everyone we met at that dinner a few weeks ago was a member of the division 4 class. It turns out there were four divisions. Unfortunately, many people have died so far that they are being combined under Division 4 now all their lives are under division 4.

Arai died. Fushi who had an unnamed Fiend-partner who couldn’t be controlled is now dead, and his partner hasn’t learned that names. (It doesn’t matter if Fushis Fiend is my girlfriend.)

The woman we met at dinner party, who isn’t known, is dead. Makoda lived a bit, but it wasn’t yet known how. Were shown scenes with four dead in Division 4, confirming the kill count together with Himenos missing body.

The ‘Holocaust’ episode 9 is related to Chainsaw.

Most of the team is lost and Makoda decided to resign and if he can survive a little longer, he can live more. That part is unfortunate, because I had hoped that we could learn more about his character.

Makimas-machines are extraordinary.

The “Cafe” episode 9 went viral.

After that episode, I could understand why Power was so terrified of Makima, and why Makimas presence was enough to force Power to leave the team. We see an occurrence of where Makima was clearly shot in the head but now she’s just fine. This power is not explained. Is she immortal? Would you mind if she created body doubles? This scene presents many unanswered questions.

We meet two new characters: Tendo and Kurose. They’ll help Makima, as she builds the division back up. They are not intending to join the team, but I can’t help but think they will eventually.

Next episode of the Chainsaw Man is a episode.

Even though everything is over, Makima has been rather calm. She knows she can’t return to Tokyo in time for help, so she’s using her powers more efficiently than it does. She needs 30 sentenced in prison and then life in prison in the highest order.

I was pleased with this scene because a big-screen film let us see what the clip was about in the trailers.

That it has been revealed that Makima can use the life force of someone to kill another person from a distance away (although, ultimately, it’s costing the first person’s life). It looks like she can see through crows to locate her desire to kill. It’s a destructive power and there’s no protection against it.

I wondered why she didn’t aim to look for Sawatari or Katanaman. There would have been better ways of killing them, but maybe she can’t take the life of someone who has a contract with a devil?

It’s likely going to be some time before we learn more. As Tendo says, Makima directly reports to the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Most Rank-and-filed Devil Hunters don’t have the right to learn about her devil contracts.

We finally learn why they’ve Kept Kobeni Around.

Chainsaw crew episode 9

The Kobeni disaster is a risk, and almost everyone got killed when they battled the Eternity Devil. This week we learn why they keep her around. Why aren’t her friends enough to be worried? I’m not convinced, but I think one’ll know more soon.

As it was said by Himeno, Kobeni is able to move well. For a fight, she can run over that Snake Devils body without getting eaten. She can dodge bullets fast. These powers are supernatural and likely the result of everything he has got on a contract with. She’s an extraordinaire, too. Maybe her ability with the weapons will make her a valuable asset against the Gun Devil?

Kobenis so strong that Katana Man in his weak state, and Sawatari don’t want to face him, so they leave Denji behind. Kobeni can openly weep, feeling grief, and despair over attempting to kill Denji at the hotel and loss for Arais death. She cannot keep doing this work, but her family has left her no other choice. It’s a really sad situation, as Kobeni seems stuck and not able to make any choices without a resentment. She can only try to survive as much she can.

This episode was wonderful and excellent after the last week. Makima is more exciting than ever and she has to rebuild her division right away.

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